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My Homemade guitar!

Hi guys!

I have been thinking about posting this for a while now and I decided to finally do it haha This is my homemade guitar and I dont have a name for it yet. I did not make the wood or anything because I dont own a shop or anything so I did buy those. I did the staining, soldering, sanding and everything myself. I want to be an artist of my own so I make my own very unique guitars so I can sound distinct!

Lemme know what ya think!

If you guys wanna buy one let me know ahaha I would be totally down to make one for somebody!

I have not done any mics because I dont own anything decent for guitar yet. I am yet to buy an SM57. I plan on making another. I might try an SM58 or one of my drum mics but Il have to see.

Thanks guys!

Be critical. If you have anything to say please dont hold back :)


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