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Toughest song to sing?

DiegoDiego Posts: 48Member
In your opinions which song has presented to be the toughest song you have seen?


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  • vmalheirosvmalheiros Posts: 103Pro
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    I don't know about the toughest, but Led Zeppelin's songs have got be among the most difficult ones. Communication Breakdown, Whole Lotta Love, Stairway to Heaven (the high part at the end), Black Dog, Rock n' Roll and so many others. Also, some Journey songs, such as Mother Father and Don't Stop Believin', are really difficult as well. Myles Kennedy's stuff is also really difficult to sing.
  • For me it's Blow your Speakers by Manowar, though I haven't seen any evidence of Eric singing it live anywhere near as good as he does on the studio album.
  • Amazing Grace at a loved one's funeral?

    Skillwise, doing Dio's songs with the same power and tonality as the original is a very, very rare feat. As for just hitting notes, it depends on who you are. If you're a bass, singing Ann Wilson will be harder than if you're a natural soprano. That said, almost any song can be done by anyone with the correct training.
  • Don't Close Your Eyes by Kix. Wow that song for me is like a nightmare, if I try to sing it. It all sounds pretty bad, sounds like I died. No, you don't want to hear me sing that song. Also some Judas Priest is very hard to sing and I am a chick.
  • "Birth Ritual" by Soundgarden used to be my 'show off' song and taught me a lot about vowel modification and use of consonants. Nowadays though, it's outwith my range so it's something I'm trying to work back to but with proper technique.
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