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How to determine vocal timbre?

Hello friends,
Ive heard that vocal timbre determines what kind of voice one has. What exactly determines vocal timbre when one sings? is it how bright the voice is at a certain range? And if this is the case, how could i determine if my vocal timbre is my actual timbre or its artificially made, such as that i am forcing my voice to sound bright? I sing brighter now than how i use to a year ago after learning the techniques through KTVA in a month. I am using the same brightness when Ken does the "ah vowel" warm up. is this brightness what I use to sing?. Sorry for not providing an audio file. I appreciate any help.
i will provide info of my voice if this helps. Ive been told i can sing the tenor and baritone range, if that makes any sense.

Vocal range (D2-#D5)* around C5-D5# my mixed voice becomes weaker
Strong Head voice(E5-B5)


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