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Greetings from Ukraine

ArtickusArtickus Posts: 652.0 PRO
edited October 2016 in INTRODUCE YOURSELF
Hello. My name is strange for most of you guys - it's Artem (one that takes it's roots from the greek goddes Artemis).
I was born and lived all my life in Ukraine.
From the early days of me growning as a person like 14-16 I got a dream, a goal of becoming a heavy metal\power metal vocalist. I was said that I'm "useless" and will never ever learn to sing or hit any note, by various vocal 'teachers" in my town. But I found one, and she told me - if you not deaf - you can hear, if you not voiceless - you can sing, so for 2 years i was learning how to braethe and trying to sing and I learned some basic things and started to progress, I was already in some kind of band that days. When I joined "Time Shadow" my current band i found a teacher in my town who specialize in rock\heavy metal vocals and instrument, the reason I'm telling about him - he showed me and tought a lot of things you can see in Ken Tamplin tips, and I tell you that I know already that they are a BIG deal, he boosted my range and skill really well, but he moved to another country, so I'm saving for the Ken's course andm y dream is to visit and study at his academy personaly.
I nearly saved the money, but WAR struck my motherland, and by the call of my heart and will I went to frontline, I did no get anything and only put mine own savings to help the army, my brothers in arms and took part in the War myself for nearly a year. I've been thru some real hard stuff... This is one a hell of experience, but I never left the dreams of stage and metal behind, never then and never now.

So after I returned I joined my band again and we started a real work on the style, band lore and everything that powermetal band should have.
I'm already home for a bit more than a year and I nearly adapted. And tehere is nothing more in this world I want to achive than to sing and make singing my life. So this is the reason I'm here, to have some connection with Ken studets, academy, everything, because I see that is product is outstanding as himself.

This is the reason I'm here. Hope you guys will help me up on this life jorney for the quest of on the path the Voice!
So I'm here, saving money to buy the course to visit the academy. Will apriciate any tips form you guys, will hang around the forum or you can reccomend me any usefull discussions.

Greetings form Ukraine, greetings form 'Time Shadow'
We will soon release our first full length album to be free donwloaded worldwide.


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,514Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Hi, Artem!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. You have been through a lot!

    If you are subscribed to Ken's YouTube channel, he gives some good exercises and information in those tutorial videos. Those will get you started down the right track.

    You really need the whole course to get the whole picture, but the things Ken puts in those YouTube tutorials are like Gold. So working on those things, like the LAH scales in those videos is a great strart.

    We're glad you are here after all you have experienced these last few years.

    Good Singing to You!

  • ArtickusArtickus Posts: 652.0 PRO
    highmtn said:

    Hi, Artem!

    We're glad you are here after all you have experienced these last few years.

    Good Singing to You!


    Hello, Bob and thank you for the welcoming words. I'm also glad to be here in one piece and still be able to sing after 2 shell-shocks.
    Yes, I'm subsribed to Ken channel since 2012 I think)
    Do you have any suggestions about the parts of the forum for me to visit and find some uselfull info on technique and exercises to keep a good shape voice. And of course my main intent is to get the full course + pro pack, and maybe someday visit the academy.

  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,514Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Most of the technical information about the voice is in the students areas of the forums. There, the entire course is discussed in separate areas for each part of the course.

    There are a number of videos on YouTube where Ken is giving skype lessons to students. Those videos have a lot of information included in them.

    Still, there is no substitute for getting the full course. It has the information that is essential to really mastering the voice.

    All the Best!


  • ArtickusArtickus Posts: 652.0 PRO
    Thank you for your help Bob, will be looking around. I'm sure that there is nothing better than the course, it's the reason I'm here. I have no doubt about it, cause I once had a vocal coach that used much of the similar things that Ken teaches, I know that the do work perfectly)
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