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Very wise words from an opera singer

I really like opera but I also love classic hard rock. Ken is an expert beyond belief when it comes to a lot of styles. After trying to come to grips with Franco Tenelli for quite some while now I can only conclude that they both share a lot and that they basically do the same thing. I might be wrong but for contemporary singing Ken is ultra strong and is the one who also keeps a method that is well rooted in classical singing as well. The difference I think comes with how far you want to take full voice. Taking full voice is no problem with Ken's teaching but it is mostly a matter of preference. I think the most of you really like the Bruno Mars type of singing and the you do not need a full C or higher. Nothing wrong with that.
I really love to share this link because this great. Different sounds but what do you think Ken?
For me you are one of two great teachers that share a lot.
Here is the clip.

Best Answers

  • dingodingo Posts: 119
    Accepted Answer
    I really enjoyed this. I agree this type of singing works well in all styles.
  • wvwv Posts: 36
    Accepted Answer
    Wow, you know guys I always wanted to be a classical singer when I was a teenager. This old dreamed of mine made me choose KTVA over Singing Success by Brett Manning. The "Bel Canto technique" is something I cannot afford to pass. Although I am still in the early stage of the program, I can tell that the power and intensity of my voice have improved tremendously. I would say that with KTVA, I will be able to grow my voice and preserve it at the same time.


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