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Aubrey (Bread) Cover

timliu92timliu92 Posts: 62Member

Dear KTVA,

Recently I recorded a cover of Aubrey by Bread. I tried to sing with a near-falsetto/head voice tone in order to nail David Gates' feel of the tune. I took note of the following things:

(i) At min 0:40-0:41, the chord was Em/C#, but I sang a D as a harmony on top of the B that was the actual note of the melody, to make it a third. I noted that there was a little bit of tension there because of the presence of the C# in the chord, but was that tension contributing to the overall music in a positive manner, or was it jarring to your ears?

(ii) I also tried to sing the string section.

Hope you all enjoy it and your comments are appreciated!



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