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New to KTVA. First time joining any vocal program!

Joseph.InJoseph.In Posts: 11Pro, 2.0 PRO
Hello everyone! As you can see in the discussion title, this is my first vocal program and I am very excited to see what is in store with this program. I have known about Ken Tamplin for many years now, however, I have finally decided to take vocals more seriously now, as I want to be able to strengthen my voice, extend my range, and have fun singing, but with proper technique. I am currently living in Canada and am 18 years old. Some days I am a baritone, some days a tenor, it really depends on how well my voice wants to work (you can see how inexperienced I am right?). My favorite vocal artist is Jon Bon Jovi, followed by David Draiman, Adam Gontier, Kurt Cobain, and Ozzy Osbourne. I am very excited to binge read the forums and learn as much as I can. Hope everyone has a great day and I look forward to going through the KTVA program.


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 12,717Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Hi, @Joseph.In!

    Nice to hear from you, and nice that you are moving from intention to action! There is a lot to learn, so you've come to the right place to learn great technique!


  • matthewlomatthewlo Posts: 11Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Hi Joseph welcome! Hope you enjoy the program. Those are great artists to look up to Adam Gontier is definitely one of my inspirations too. Good luck with the program. It's only been a little more than a week and already seeing so much progress.
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