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MARCO from Bolivia

Hello awesome people I'm Marco from Bolivia I'm 27 and I'm currently living in Kansas City studying Music in a Christian music academy, I'm currently the associate leader in a band, I'm acoustic guitar player and working in be the best a singing. I didn't really liked the dynamics and teachers in my past singing program, because my style involves hard-belting singing and I was learning the opposite. So right now I kind feel like fish in the water. My favorite rock band is and forever will be Rage against the machine and Audioslave and stuff related. I'm an impulsive guy so I watched a couple of Ken's videos and bumm get it I want it! So this is my second week with this program and I'm enjoying it so far. I started practicing 45 mins daily its amazing I've done just one entire week of the work outs and I already feel the little differences (I don't know if is psychologically) but I just feel myself more and more confident.!

My goal is to be a powerful trumpet in the hands of God that will shake this planet earth and echoed in the universe! huhuuuuuuhuhuhu so exited guys! lets! rock it out!


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 12,717Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Alright! Somebody that's on fire and ready to rock! I think it's safe to say you have come to the right place, Marco! We're glad you're here! Keep working the program and stay on fire!

    All the Best!

  • matthewlomatthewlo Posts: 11Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Great to meet you Marco! Everyone should love Rage Against The Machine right? Glad to hear you're making progress too after only a week. I'm in a similar boat with already improving greatly. Good luck hope your journey goes well!
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