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Looking forward to the future

LyndeRobertsLyndeRoberts Posts: 1Pro, 2.0 PRO
Greetings everyone.

I just purchased the Pro/Weekend Warrior course package last night. I'm excited to get started. One week ago I began my first guitar lesson. Two weeks ago was the first time I ever picked up a guitar.

I've always had a longing for playing an instrument and singing. I guess it's in my blood but only recently have I felt that intense drive to do something about it. My dad, who passed away suddenly in 2015 at the age of 67, was a musician in his early years and had a recording studio in the Seattle area for a while. I think that's how he met my mom, she came into the studio one day to audition for a radio commercial they were producing. I never got the opportunity to share the gift of music with my dad (or mom for that matter) but I hope to put in the hard work in the hopes of passing it along to any of my own children who might have the gift as well.

I look forward to beginning what I believe will be an incredible journey.




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