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I am inspired by Freddie Mercury so the questions will keep coming. How does he have such a fast vibrato. For example Minute 0:38 he gets a pretty fast vibrato. I'm sure there is some kind of technique. But I heard he used a technique called subharmonics? Is this true? Is it safe for me to learn that?


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  • DiegoDiego Posts: 50Member
    And 1:10 as well. Is that controlled vibrato? Or natural?
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,079Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    It's a learned vibrato. A fast vibrato needs to be very light, or the voice will wobble or sound like a goat or lamb. It's called "caprino" or "goat's wiggle" if the vibrato is very fast and tremulus. You can get away with it if the depth of the vibrato is very light.

    For some vocalists, the fast vibrato is what seems natural for them. Stevie Nicks has made millions with her fast and choppy vibrato. That doesn't really work for most vocalists, but it worked like a charm for Stevie Nicks, and Freddie owned his light-but-fast vibrato.

    Doing vibrato that fast isn't so hard, but making a fast vibrato sound good can be very tricky. Doing it lightly enough to sound subtle is the hard part.
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