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Left side of throat feels.. wierd


I've been singing for a couple of years and I'm also in the metal/screaming scene.
I started feeling something on the left side of my throat, like something was "stuck"
So I went to the doctors and they told me that it could be and airway-infection (don't know the english word for it) but he could not feel or see anything, sure, I was a bit swollen because I had a cold right there and then.

Weeks went by and I have had the same feeling for about 3 months, so I went to an ENT.
I explained everything and said what kind of music I sing and so on.. he checked my neck, felt and rubbed etc.
He said that nothing was out of the ordinary.
He scoped my throat and checked my vocal cords/folds, he said that it looked fine, more than fine actually.. it looked great! My cords closed perfectly when I talked and I also got to make some sounds I do in the metal scene and he told me that nothing was being damaged and such.

I still feel the thing in my throat and I'm scared to get back to singing cause I constantly have this on my mind. The ENT said that he didn't know what It was, he could not find anything, but then he said that It could all just be in my head? Since I've been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety (panic-attacks) lately.

Have you guys had the same experience or feeling?
What did you do about it?
Any tips on what I can do to make it feel better?
Is it possible that this is all just in my head?

Appreciate ALL the answers.
I really love singing and I'm kinda torturing myself for not singing.. (yes, I've been "silent" for over 3 months now although I have a job where I talk a lot, everyday)

Best Regards
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