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When I sing Iron Maiden my throat hurts. Any advice?

Hi there! I'm new here. I love music and I love singing. When I was a little girl I sang all the time. I studied classical singing for 2 years and I have a strong head voice. Singing for me is like eating or breathing and I want to learn all the vocal styles in order to be versatile. I'm a rock/metal lover and I also sing in an Iron Maiden Coverband but I have a big problem: everytime that I sing a song by them my throat hurts. It's like I'm forcing too much but I can't understand because if I sing a Metallica or...i don't...Led Zeppelin song I have no problem and "my throat doesn't hurt". I think I have the right technique (I have experience in the "singing field" and I've studied for lots of years) but when I sing Iron Maiden is like I'm forgetting all the things I've learnt. Any advice to sing better Iron Maiden without any tension?


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 13,556Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    edited May 2017
    Hi, @veronicas, and Welcome.

    Can you post a demo here of you singing one of these songs that causes you to hurt? I don't want you to hurt your voice, but if you already have a recording of it, it would be helpful to hear exactly what it is that you are doing. It doesn't have to be a whole song demo. It could be 20 seconds demonstrating just the problem.
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