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Questions about vocal fatigue

so unsure if actual fatigue or just nerves closing down my throat, but while i dont have a pain when swallowing, i find it ever so noticable compared to absolute normal. it hasnt effected my singing loud or soft in any noticable way, but its a thing i'm keeping an eye on. keeping up on my liquids and such of course. i know the difference between backing off singing and stopping are not the same thing. so if i back down to just my vocal workouts and maybe a lil karaoke every now and then, back off of anything too super heavy, should i be ok? any advice for this kind of thing appreciated.


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    You need to monitor yourself when it comes to the volume at which you sing. Practicing or performing with live bands can cause you to sing too loudly in order to be heard. Also, some students sing with more volume than they need to, especially when reaching for higher notes. You need to guard against that.

    That said, it is normal to feel some fatigue after doing any kind of exercise. If you are building stamina, that can be tiring, because you have to work out to gain strength. It is important to relax as much as possible while singing, especially in the throat. That's why KTVA insists on learning proper support and taking much of the load off of the vocal cords, placing the workload instead on the diaphragm to resist excess force on the cords.

    There is not such thing as totally stress-free singing, but you can manage the stress through monitoring yourself and reducing the tendency to react with excess tension while singing. It's called the relaxation response. You feel tension build, you monitor and allow relaxation instead of straining to overcome tension.

    You should reduce the intensity you are singing with and find a better balance that does not leave you feeling that your throat is closed-down.

    You should be practicing open throat singing, which means you base your voice on an Open AH Vowel, and keep that throat open like the beginning of a yawn, rather than clamping down to get to high notes. The more open you can keep your throat, the less you should feel like your throat is closing down.

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