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Adele's voice damaged... again :(

KaiEllisKaiEllis Posts: 213Pro, 2.0 PRO
I'm sure most of us have heard that Adele has gotten herself in vocal trouble again :neutral:

She's said now she "feels like she's got a dead rat in her throat" and has had to cancel - or at least indefinitely postpone - the final dates of her tour.

Can anyone comment with some insight into what went wrong for her this time? I had such hope for her after her problems and surgery a few years ago that she would get better technique and go down in history as a true live singing legend :neutral:


  • MatsyMatsy Posts: 126Pro
    Hmm, I don't know why she is having problems.

    I sing "Hello" as one of my practice songs and it is quite difficult to sing without raising the volume, but to let more natural resonance do the heavy lifting.

    I notice in the chorus I have to be really careful with the voice as I want to blast my way through it - instead I have found that I do a much better job if I open the back of the throat and sort of "pull" the sound back into that area, so that I can get a really clear sound and not have to blast a heap of air and volume through the throat.

    The first few times I sang it, I nearly destroyed my voice for a few days... but then I found this "pulling back into the throat thing" almost like yawning and now I can sing it much easier and it doesn't hurt anymore.

    Perhaps she belts too much? Perhaps she needs Ken as her vocal coach? :wink:
  • KaiEllisKaiEllis Posts: 213Pro, 2.0 PRO
    @Matsy Oof! That's a heck of a song to song, even with good technique!

    When I listen to Adele, it sounds like she's committing all the cardinal sins of singing - tension in the throat, poor support, squeezing out phrases, and blasting waaaaaaay to much air over the cords.

    If you've got a recording of you doing Hello would love to hear it!!!!
  • MatsyMatsy Posts: 126Pro
    @KaiEllis I record myself singing most days, usually with a track of someone singing in the background. I do Hello with one of the popular male covers of it on youtube. Whenever I try posting my singing on Soundcloud though, it always gets pulled due copyright even though I am singing with someone in the background.

    I don't know if YouTube will do the same. I am a bit busy this morning but I will try uploading it to YouTube later and if it is successful will post a link here to it.

    There have been a few songs lately where I am reasonably proud of the job I have done and have no easy way to be able to share it all with you. I hit the three month mark a couple of weeks ago and was going to post a few tracks to show my progress... but Soundcloud said no. :pensive:
  • KaiEllisKaiEllis Posts: 213Pro, 2.0 PRO
    @Matsy Hmmmm! Is there a way you could listen to the track through one source but record into another? That way there would just be your vocal and no copyright issues. Or maybe sing to a karaoke track instead of the original?

    Either way, hoping to hear something from you!
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