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DozerDozer Posts: 5Member
edited July 2017 in Off Topic
Been a while since I have been here on the forums.
I was snoring so the wifey kicked me out of the room.
I slept in another room for a month.

Left unchecked, and snoring all I want, without the wife elbowing me to stop...
I would wake up with a dry throat, so I would drink water through the night.
My vocal cords became damaged and high mix was not possible anymore.
Even when I would talk, words that have the letter "I" such as "it" "this"...
my voice would crack in normal conversation.
I finally put it all together that snoring was the culprit.

I went to the dentist and they made a mold, and snore guard.
I wear that and sleep on my side now.(even though I like to sleep on my back).

The snore guard helped, though if I roll on my back, I will still snore, but not as bad.

I am just here to share my scare, and experience, so that others can take action if
they snore.

It took a month before I was repaired, and have no problem hitting a high mix.
I was thinking I was going to have to go get it looked at, but I am all good now.


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