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A new kid on this block...

GypsysingerGypsysinger Posts: 7Pro
edited August 13 in INTRODUCE YOURSELF
Hello everyone,
Well I'm definitely not new to singing. I started when I was 5 and continued to sing my whole life. First in choirs, then solos then in an a capella group and now all over the world. I've been making my living as a singer since 1999.

So why am I here? Well I'm interested in singing new material and it seems like everyone now is using grit, distortion, focal fry... whatever you would like to call it. When I tried emulating those sounds I was thrashing my vocal chords. I quickly realized they were using techniques I don't know. So here I am and I aim to master those techniques and to master Ken's passagio technique.

After watching and reading through all the material for volume 1 I quickly realized I am going to have to retrain all my vowel placements so I'm at square one here just like you guys are.

I'll post something of me singing on here as soon as I figure out how things work on this site so you can see and hear where I'm currently at.

Since I don't know the sites policy, I won't include links to my website or Soundcloud or any of that. I'd hate to tick people off in my very first post. ;)

Good luck to everyone here and work hard. I'm sure the results will come fast if you put in the effort.

I look forward to talking to and learning from everyone here on the site.

All the best,


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