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Very interesting article

Hey everybody!
What do you think about this article? How does it go together with Kens method?

Interested in your views,

Cheers, Ben


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,491Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    It goes right along with Ken's method. The two vocal instructors mentioned in the article that predicted that Adele would have a repeat of her vocal problems are stating that she injured herself by oversinging. We talk about that a lot here on the forums, and Ken talks about it in the course and in his Youtube videos.

    Glottal Compression (clean singing with reduced volume) is the KEY to preventing injuries like this and KEY to preventing the end of singing careers, such as what happened to Steve Perry of Journey.

    Because so many young people think that screamo is fine and won't hurt their voices, there will probably be a lot more vocal injuries in the near future. That's why Ken is reluctant to teach distortion to anyone who does not have his course. You aren't ready to do demanding vocals until you master the techniques for CUTTING BACK the air. Cutting Back the Pressure. Reducing Volume at the cords.

    Even Ken's students need to heed his warnings and not gloss past the precautions he gives. If you don't follow his instructions, you can hurt yourself.
  • bbergbberg Posts: 41Enrolled
    Yes I was thinking along these lines too. But not being an expert at all, I wasn't sure though. I think it's an excellent article and you could be right with your prediction on screaming vocalists...
  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 1,283Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Very good article!
    In line with glottal compression, my drummer mentioned that he's always out of breath doing backup vocals etc. I told him to sustain 1 note for as long as he could. Then I did it with glottal compression until they finally begged me to stop :-p
    Less air, less strain, less pressure will win the day every time.
    I make it through a 2-3 hour rehearsal with plenty of fire left, but I know I've just worked hard, as some of these pieces are in my upper register. I feel like I had a good workout , or something to that effect. If you're hoarse, or anything like that, as my boys always say: "You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself!"
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