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How to improve the talking voice

porte23porte23 Posts: 2Pro, 2.0 PRO

I was wondering if there is a way to use the singing exercises to improve the talking voice?

The thing is that I have terrible usage of my talking voice and by applying this course knowledge I have come to realize the damage I’m doing to my vocal system during the day.

For example when I speak I just automatically start tensing muscles, closing the throat, run out of air very quickly, etc. and even people don’t seem to understand clearly what I say. Is so frustrating! By the time I get home at night the throat is tensed, hurting and tired as hell.

Maybe is not a common situation but for me it would be such an incredible thing to improve my talking voice. Wish my talking voice would flow casually as I see people do it so nicely and effortless... like Ken on his videos!

Anyway, this program ABSOLUTELY F****** ROCKS!!!! When I wake up on weekends and the throat is relaxed, damn! This program has helped me sing like I NEVER thought I could!!!! I’m soooo thankful I found this treasure!!

Thanks in advance for any suggestion you might have.

Big hugs everyone! Keep rocking!


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 11,656Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Diaphragmatic support can and should be used when speaking, so that you can limit the amount of air and pressure you apply to your speaking voice. Likewise, when you have gotten to Volume 3 and learn to use glottal compression to cut back the air on your singing voice, you can learn to do the same thing with your speaking voice. And if you wear out your voice less with speaking, it will be in better shape when it's time to sing. Likewise at sporting events. Don't yell without regard for blowing out your voice. Learn to treat your voice like something you want to last and last for a long, long time. Yelling at a ballgame on Thursday can give you problems at your gig on Friday and Saturday.
  • videoacevideoace Posts: 272Pro
    edited October 15
    I had the same problem in broadcast school. Everytime I had to speak on camera I would tense up, and get nervous. People couldnt hear what I was saying, etc.........
    Anyway, one of my instructors gave me a golden piece of advice, and that advice is also mentioned and used in this course. Open your mouth more when you speak. That was it, and it works like a charm. Now people tell me to shut up all the time lol.

    On a side note, I also studied from a book called "30 days to better english".

    Peace, Tony
  • bentkbentk Posts: 474Pro
    Speaking too loudly is definitely a problem. Unless you know that you don't have to sing for days, you could shout i guess. (perhaps during sports, party etc.) but i would still advise to not over-do it, or not do that at all. For me, it feels terrible to have this low, deep and broken voice the next day!

    I guess you just need the shouting volume now and then to get your message across... :)

    All the best,

  • porte23porte23 Posts: 2Pro, 2.0 PRO
    First of all, thank you all for the great advice.

    After I read you highmtn I started to pay more attention to my diaphragmatic support and I can now definitely confirm the lack of clarity and voice reach to that area. Is very interesting how I get to know more and more about my voice instrument. I will continue to do the program so I can enhance the diaphragmatic support.

    Thanks videoace! I've been exploring with opening more the mouth and articulating my words. Especially with books related to the one you suggested. I can see great improvement with that! Feels funny as I'm not used to opening the mouth so much (frequency wise), but when I try it in front of the mirror it doesn't look THAT weird. I guess I will get more use to it if I continue to do so. Now I can even see it in some sports narrators when they move their mouth and is true they use their lips and mouth opening constantly. I guess this allows them to be more clear with the sound of every word they say. This was a big eye opener videoace, thanks again!

    About talking too loud bentk I think you were right on spot. I'm now trying to speak less loud and really really concentrate on relaxing my throat, neck, tongue and anything I can! haha Is amazing all the tension I do when I (unconsciously) try to speak up. Interestingly, speaking "more softly" is allowing me to sound bigger and louder! Is crazy! I suppose I'm taking advantage of the amplifiers Ken talks about and I need a whole less air. That finding completely blew me away!

    Thank you all you guys for sharing this golden pieces of advice. They meant sooo much to me. I will continue to work on my voice as it will incredibly change my life. No exaggeration.
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