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A little bit of frogginess today?:0

Hey everyone!

So today I kind of noticed I've hada bit of frogginess and cracking a little in my voice, and it's got me a little paranoid:0 Hahaha

The past 2 days I've kinda been off a bit unfortunately due to school starting again and all, except for a few lip rolls and tongue excersises yesterday:p but I just kinda got a little worried about that if that makes any sense? Haha, I've had a little stuffiness and mucus as well, so I may have a bit of a cold or something I'll need to work on?

Sorry about that:p just checking to see if any of you guys think there may be a provlem or anything by any chance?

Thanks everybody!!:D


  • sspatricksspatrick Posts: 1,278Moderator, Enrolled
    Its hard to say, but I think you may be coming down with a cold, or it could be allergies.  I don't think it is anything to worry about.  work through volume one and a lighter volume, and see if that fixes it.  It also depends on how much rest you are getting.  Coffee and alcohol can also contribute to dry cracking.  I had to sing on radio this morning at 7am, after being at industry events til midnight.  Overall the performance was pretty good.  My voice is a little tired today, but its not from singing.  Sometimes thats how it goes.  Just like any other muscle in our bodies, sometimes they feel great, sometimes they need a little rest.
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