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Is this Head Voice? And if so, does it get any stronger?

Just trying to get the feeling right. I can feel some buzzing right behind my nose (like on the front of my skull). Most of the music I want to sing is in this range (C4 to A4), but I have to use the sound you hear in this clip to hit those notes. I can take my chest voice up to a G4, but often, I need to hit an A4 and it just doesn't happen. So yeah, does head voice get any stronger than this. And by stronger I mean closer to the lead singer of Young the Giant when he actually sings "My Body".


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 13,572Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Yes, you're using head voice in this clip. You're actually mixing a little bit, the farther you go along, but it's a heady mix. You need to work on stretching your chest voice up to higher notes in order to get anything more substantial in your voice in this range.
  • TheElementAceTheElementAce Posts: 6Member
    Thanks highmtn. Based on your response, that means my chest voice still has room to grow. That is good news because I thought I had reached my limit.
  • MoftemMoftem Posts: 110Enrolled
    Sounding pretty good already. How long have you been working the program?
  • TheElementAceTheElementAce Posts: 6Member
    @Moftem sorry I'm so late, college got the best of me for a while. At the time of this post I had been on the program off and on for 7 months. I'd say 2 months of cumulative work. It's also probably important to note that I never got to Volume 3. I finished Volume 2 though.
  • MoftemMoftem Posts: 110Enrolled
    Ah. Are you not practicing much at the moment? Other responsibilities I assume. Life can get in the way of our singing ambitions for sure.
  • TheElementAceTheElementAce Posts: 6Member
    Never got to Volume 3, but I frequently use Volume 1 as a warmup nowadays (I'm in a band). I "sing" everyday though. It's a habit. In the shower, walking to class, imitating singers for laughs. But I actively practice 2 to 3 times a week now.
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