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Warm Ups

PaulRPaulR Posts: 12Member, STREAMING PRO
Hey Guys, I am new here and also new to singing. I have zero experience and would like to know if my stomach is a bit sore after 30 or so minutes of diaphragmatic support does that mean i am performing exercises correctly or pushing too hard? Thanks


  • stratmanstratman Posts: 247Moderator, Pro
    @PaulR as you experiment to get this right, you may experience tiredness of your stomach muscles. Ken teaches how to take a correct breath in his course. Support can be very difficult to get right and Ken teaches a two phase approach to ensure you do it right.

    Personally, I thought I was doing support right but always felt quite sore and tired in my stomach. I thought this was normal but I found out I was doing it wrong. The KTVA 2.0 course has excellent material for getting this right. You can see Ken explain it and show it, then he demonstrates with one of his students.

    I learnt using the older KTVA course and now do not experience any soreness of my stomach. I do get a bit fatigued though after 2-3 hours singing in a stretched chest mode i.e singing hard rock in what used to be the falsetto part of my range (you need huge support to sing that stuff)

  • PaulRPaulR Posts: 12Member, STREAMING PRO
    Thank You for your input, it is highly appreciated.. Feels so much like i am doing it right though. I will look over videos over and over once more. Do I need to continue the situp practice or is maybe that what is hurting me?
  • stratmanstratman Posts: 247Moderator, Pro
    @PaulR the sit-up exercise is used to show what support should feel like as you ascend and descend in pitch. You don’t need to continue doing them. Apply what you learnt from the sit-ups to how it should feel when you ascend and descend in pitch when standing.
  • PaulRPaulR Posts: 12Member, STREAMING PRO
    Will do, thank you
  • PaulRPaulR Posts: 12Member, STREAMING PRO
    One question I have for everyone is,,As I am only beginning completely from the bottom. How would I best sort out my practicing videos? Do I practice 1 hour of only breathing for diaphragm or do I try and incorporate everything including lip rolls, etc.? And do I also do the LAH and stuff with it?
  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 365Moderator, Pro
    The actual exercises are the audio ones. The videos are more or less for establishing a common frame of reference. Having said that, You can totally use the video exercises to familiarize yourself with the concepts first though.
  • PaulRPaulR Posts: 12Member, STREAMING PRO
    Thank You, Im having a difficult time understanding which route to go as far as what do do next and so on. the huffing exercise destroys my stomach after about 10 or 12 of them, then i try to break. I assume I will be enduring much discomfort in my stomach until it strengthens.
  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 365Moderator, Pro
    The huffing exercise is hard for sure... mainly because you are using core muscles that aren't used typically used that hard, so don't overdo it.
    So back to your question, once you've watched the videos and get what he's laying down, its then time to go to the audio exercises... as that's where the work is done!
    a few months down the road, its always cool to revisit the videos with wiser eyes. You never know what you'll glean :smiley:
  • PaulRPaulR Posts: 12Member, STREAMING PRO
    Am I supposed to be a bit sore in my stomach? also noticed not so sharp when i try to copy notes of kens lah in his videos. mine sounds sort of i guess scrathy, is that normal for someone that never has sung before?
  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 365Moderator, Pro
    I'd say yes, but if you're concerned toss us a video of where you are having issues so we can properly assist.


  • PaulRPaulR Posts: 12Member, STREAMING PRO
    I will do my lessons tomorrow night, if I feel the need, I will definitely post up a video. I actually may post 1 up by the beginning of next week so i can begin documenting my progress and fine tune where needed and suggested. Thank you so much for your input
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