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Check out my debut solo album

KevinGremKevinGrem Posts: 201Pro
Hope it's ok to share this here!

My debut solo album is now available for download through Click this link to view/preview/download:

Here's what I would like to say about this: These songs are just phenomenal. There is one very good reason why this album is superior to your typical sounding metal of today: It actually has MELODY. Furthermore, my guitar player - Linkan Andersson - actually knows how to play a kickass solo, which is another thing that is surely lacking among metal guitarists these days. Finally, it was all produced, mixed, and mastered by the legendary AOR producer, Paul Sabu!

Currently I am seeking a band with which to perform these songs live. If anyone is interested or if anyone knows someone interested please let me know! I'm also gonna be starting a new page on facebook as an artist, so be sure to follow me there.

-Artwork by Steven Juliano


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