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Hi, everyone.

My name is Michael, I'm from Moscow, Russia. I've started the program 2 weeks ago. I've been trying to sing for 2 years, but yet, my vocals didn't improve much, coaches in Russia were no good. I'm a baritone, want to sing rock with high pitched-distorted sound, but right now cant even hit the D4 in-song situations properly. Let's see if I can change that =)


  • bentkbentk Posts: 1,047Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Welcome Michael!

    Prepare yourself for a journey with KTVA. If you put in the time, have patience and use it correctly, your voice will grow and grow. It's not going to change over night, but it will in the long term.

    Never forget that the forum is always here if you need any help. Have a look around too, you can see how people are helped here in the forum whenever that is required.

    All the best,

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