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gdranowgdranow Posts: 102.0 PRO
Hey all! My name is Gary Dranow and I am new to the forums and Ken's great voice course, A little about me. I got my first guitar at 12 and was inspired by Cream's Crossroads. I started with lessons immediately but when my first teacher wanted to start me out with Mary had a little lamb ( not Stevie's version) I quickly lost interest and sporadically played for the next 5 years, I did spend time with other teachers during this period but really got serious when I returned from Vietnam in 1973, Blues was my thing and I quickly got into artists like Jimmy Reed and Little Walter, et al. I started taking lessons with Ted Green (Chord Chemistry) and joined various bands during the '70's and '80's. I started writing songs (and trying to sing, and that was not good) in the early '90's. That's when I formed my group Gary and the Manic Emotions (be bi-polar I thought that name to be appropriate), my band was formed around my teacher and dear friend Jerry Manfredi (Bass) and his musicians. Within a short time we were gigging regularly at venues in the west Los Angeles area. I was joined by a great female singer Paula Sorce which masked by weak voice with her dynamic backing and harmonies. I have skipped over some other groups I had. One was the New Invaderz which has a video up on YouTube with very few views where I wrote that song and played guitar, though I was more into dancing than being accurate in my playing to my continued embarrassment.

In 1996 we (jerry, session musicians, and I) recorded my second album. Still singing poorly I went ahead with the project because I felt good about the songs themselves

I promptly moved to Park City in 1998 and left music behind for 15 years.

That's the short story until now. I've been back to guitar for about two years and am teaching a good friend rhythm guitar with plans to start gigging here in Park City in about 2 years with hopefully a much improved voice - why I'm here. I built a pro tools studio in my home and have started recording covers and new material in my two room studio and have embarked on Ken's program, I practice an hour to a hour and half 6 days a week and am well into Volume 1 (its the LAW).

I look forward to becoming active in this community and receive all the support and help from the experts and lay persons alike.

So Hello and glad to be here,
Gary Dranow
from Park City, Ut


  • videoacevideoace Posts: 890Pro, 2.0 PRO
    @gdranow Welcome!

    This is a great place for information when you get stuck on something, or need clarification for a certain technique. There are a ton of videos. As you can see a lot of discussion so utilize all of the different avenues that are provided throughout the course itself, the forum, and all should go well.

    I also started playing guitar at the age of 12, but I haven't missed one day of playing it since then. I also do a lot of recording so hopefully we can exchange ideas, and information on the subject.

    Good Luck with your singing. I'm pretty sure your gonna love how your voice develops.

    Peace, Tony
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 12,711Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Welcome, Gary.

    You are going to like what is going to happen with your voice over the coming months and years. It's an ongoing process, and you have made the important decision to move forward with the rest of your singing life.

    It gets better and better.

    Your good attitude and expectations of good things will go a long ways towards realizing your goals... even the ones you might have thought were unobtainable.

  • gdranowgdranow Posts: 102.0 PRO
    What's the best way to video and load to the forum, I have a windows ten computer and I have a camera app that records and saves as a mp4 file but I don't know how to get the video file to the forum.......G
  • gdranowgdranow Posts: 102.0 PRO
    Oh and my singing is just horrible on playback
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 12,711Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    edited May 17
    To post to the forums, record a video. Upload that file to YouTube. Set it to "unlisted" if you don't want the whole world to watch it. Copy the URL of the video when you play it. Paste that copied URL into a post here on the forums, and when you save the post, your video should appear on the forums.

    Better get to work on your exercises to start improving.
  • gdranowgdranow Posts: 102.0 PRO
    Thanks I will try it, and yes I'm practicing more like 2 hours a day and am not giving into my inner Jerk ;)
  • gdranowgdranow Posts: 102.0 PRO
    A little wisdom needed here. I'm in week two, practicing 2 hours a day, 6 days a week (I give my wife and dogs a break on Sundays). Today I did all the volume 1 video exercises, Audio starter exercises for dudes (which I have been doing for about a week) and for the first time the Main Audio Work outs. Doing the first two I feel no fatigue/tension but man, after doing the Main Audio Work out I feel tremendous fatigue in my jaw, upper back of my throat and cheeks. Am I going to far too fast or should I stick with the main audio work outs until I can do them without fatigue. Part of the problem is I cannot do the lip exercises at all and I also find that I fatigue with the tongue exercise while doing the scales in the Main Workout. As and aside, i'm trying to post a starter video of my doing the Lah triads but have not yet managed to get the video (MP4) on Youtube.

    Your input is appreciated and valued..........G
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 12,711Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Take your time. These exercises and lessons can take a while to become accustomed to. Give your body time to adjust and acclimate to doing these exercises. They aren't called exercises for nothing. They cause you to stretch and grow, and because they take us to some places we'ver never been before with our voices, it can become difficult. Eventually we grow and it gets easier, but it takes time. Getting things sorted out, like how to upload files takes a little bit of getting-used to, as well. After you get the first one done, it's easy from there. The first time we make a few mistakes, until we get things worked out.
  • gdranowgdranow Posts: 102.0 PRO
    Here's the starting point, the video is a bit long as I was watching Ken's video on the Lah, Ah, so sorry for the interruptions while Ken explained, next time I'll do it from the work outs, but as I said this is my starting reference, and critics are valued, thanks.........G
  • gdranowgdranow Posts: 102.0 PRO
    What I forgot to write is that I'll be back in 3 months for a check up and promise to have only work out videos, Cheers.......G
  • gdranowgdranow Posts: 102.0 PRO
    Also the mic in my computer is really bad, so that ain't heloin'
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 12,711Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    We will need to hear the playback at low volume on your demos. We need that for pitch reference. Several of your top notes in the scales are not up to pitch. Make the tone brighter. Smile, exposing your upper teeth, raising your cheeks. This helps open you up and makes a less covered, brighter escape hatch for the sound.
  • gdranowgdranow Posts: 102.0 PRO
  • gdranowgdranow Posts: 102.0 PRO
    Is it okay to do the exercises twice in a day, once in the morning and once in the early evening?
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