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"My voice has gone" "yeah comes with age" - I started practicing - it seems to be blsht

ZoltanZoltan Posts: 2Member

I've been practicing Ken's program for a couple of weeks. I'm 53 now and has some advantages as well. Now I'm dare to say DO NOT BELIEVE ANYBODY! Try it. If it works its ok. Sounds simple, but it is more difficult to keep in all area of life.

To keep it short, I understand what Ken is talking about, as I do the excerssises. Of course I look around tried a bit this and that and I at this moment I trust that Ken is doing a great job.

I've got some musical background, ( I played calsical guitar for about 6-7 years as a teenager, then came the saxophone and jazz, (next to studying engineering).

It was part of my sax practice to be able to sing the melody and I was considered to be a good singer - not as a professional but not that someone does damage to humanity.

Know as I got old (and crazy) started playing guitar, but not classical ( honestly, guitar was not invented to play calsical for sure - you do not play football with flip-flops kind of thing)
Singing become important, but my voice has really got bad. Like 0- . This put me off a bit, but by chance I've come across with ken's material, and in three weeks time I can dare to sing (It's a big thing!). I record it, it's far from good but, at least pitch is getting right with songs like Jhony Cash - so kind of lower, not too wide register.

I haven't bought the program, ( I live in eastern Europe,) but with some effort I try to build up an order in excesrsises. I might soon get to the point when I just buy the course material, to save time.

So I've got a LITTLE BIG GOAL, I SET UP A LIST OF SONGS (10) THAT I SHOULD BE ABLE TO SING ( able!) by the end of August.

I hope son I can upload something I can share.

See you guys!


  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 811Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
    You're the same age as I am, so you are correct in that age isn't really that much of a factor. I started this course with a voice that had been pretty much blown for about 20+ years from abusive full-voice Rock vocals.
    Within 6 months I could actually hear the repairs and recalibration of my voice.
    After 18 months I receive allot of comments like, you're clearly a trained singer, who taught you?

    So yes, it works, and age isn't a barrier.
    For what its worth, I started with a basic package Volumes 1-3, then upgraded to the Pro Packs at month 12!


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