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cover of Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams

JackLPJackLP Posts: 13Member, STREAMING PRO
Feedback on the vocals please. This is a first attempt at making a vocals demo after putting together a home studio using all freeware and entry level gear. What a trip this has been so far, 5 months into the program and looking forward to starting volume 3 soon. Also, welcome any comments on my setup here: I used an AT2020 condenser mic to a SmartRig2 to an iPad2 running Record Plus HD. Export to a .wav file email to my gmail, saved to PC and imported into Audacity where I'd imported an mp3 of the song, split it stereo to mono, inverted one of the mono channels to remove most of the original vocals, added a little reverb and echo to my voice.


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 2,112
    @JackLP I sing Greenday's "Wake Me Up When Sepetember Ends", and he sings with a lot of compression on his voice. It sounds like your version is breathy, and could use a little more power behind it. NOT VOLUME, but more compression.

    You say you're only 5 months into the program, and you're already moving to volume 3? That seems really fast to me. I was still on volume one at 5 months in. Are you fulfilling all of the requirements for moving on to other volumes?

    Peace, Tony
  • JackLPJackLP Posts: 13Member, STREAMING PRO
    Thanks for the feedback! I agree more compression and power needed. I feel like I am moving ahead and on schedule, following the streaming option's scheduled release of material, with 1-2 hour workouts daily. Still the checkpoints I do always reveal something I'm not doing, but making progress.
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,513Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    The streaming material is delivered at a faster rate than most students are ready for it, because a few advanced students were demanding that they be allowed to move forward at their own pace.

    Unfortunately, this creates the impression to some newer students that they should "keep pace" with the arrival of the lessons. This is not how you should approach the streaming version of the course.

    Don't get the idea that you should move on, just because you have access to material.

    People who purchase the entire program have access to every bit of the program, but have to take their time to move properly through the course, or they will derail themselves by moving too fast.
  • JackLPJackLP Posts: 13Member, STREAMING PRO
    Compression is covered in next month's released material, so haven't seen it yet. I'm just not getting how the derailment thing works or if you are saying that you think I have derailed. I feel I am making progress on schedule, and I intend to keep going at my own pace as I have been, going off the rails of this crazy crazy KTVA train ;)
  • JackLPJackLP Posts: 13Member, STREAMING PRO
    Here's another recording of a cover. Again, any and all honest feedback welcome!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 2,112
    @JackLP What highmtn might be saying (not putting words in his mouth) is that if you rush through the material without having a full understanding of the techniques, it will hinder your progress, and you will be caught with your pants down when these exercises really start to get tough. This isn't a time sensitive course. Take your time with it.
    If you don't have a full understanding of the techniques in volume one I would suggest going back until you do. That is the most important volume in the course. To me it is because that's the core of everything you are going to do in this course. To build a healthy strong voice you need to have a good foundation.

    The Bruce tune was ok, but you need tighter control of your vocal. It's really loose, and pitchy. You also seem unsure as to where your going while in the middle of a line. That can be taken care of by listening to it over and over until your proof positive as to how it's being sung.

    You'll have ups, and downs being a singer, but don't let it get you down. It happens to all of us here. Just follow the advice people here give you, and keep pushing on. We all get there eventually

    Peace, Tony
  • JackLPJackLP Posts: 13Member, STREAMING PRO
    Thanks Tony for the specific feedback, very helpful.
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