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Hi. Im Øyvind Skald from norway

My history.
I was a singer/guitar player 20 years ago.
Then i got depressed and mentally sick.
Now i am on my way to be better than ever, but my singing is not good anymore.
I really need to start on the basic and train from that.

Mostly make Metal music. But write what's needed.

Don't consider this as a track to analyse.
I know how bad the singing is!
It is more like a prof of how bad it is.

The history of the track is that a woman that worked where i lived at that time hade to quit the job.
So I made her this song as a goodbye gift.
Like a laugh.
I knew it could ever be anything relation between us.
It was just a pust out of feelings.
The video was made later to compliment the "message" in the lyrics.
I don't know if she has seen the video.

Well thats me.
Sort of....


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