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Runaway Luis Cardenas

Hello, been a long time since I posted something here xD
I need all the help for this song. I have to sing this song for a cover band, and I cant figure out, how to sing the chorus, "Wo wo wo wonder" I'm struggling with this a long time. From the first day every time i do that part, the voice cracks and I become more anxious of sing it. Maybe poor support, maybe its the vowels, or the technique, I dont know. xD I will leave the song here and maybe someone could give me tips of sing this song.

I will leave here too a single by my originals band, to see if my voice fits the Runway


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,571Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    The first W-AH- is a D5, then a C5, then a Bb4, an A4, G4, F4, D4. Somewhere in there you will have to be in head voice and somewhere you will have to switch back to chest voice. Sing the AH vowel, in head voice, with a lot of mask. WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH-AHn DAH. I usually sing the first 4 in head voice, because it's easy to switch on the AHN-Dah around the G4/F4. I make it really bright and brassy.
  • TimTim Posts: 8Pro
    Thank you very much for the enlightment :smiley: It makes much more sense now. I was trying to low the head voice. I will do my workout today and make the way you say with a lot of mask. Hope i can sing this song once for all ahah
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