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Is It Healthy for a Baritone or at least a high baritone to do Tenor exercises?

Justo to reach high notes. My vocal "comfortable zone" is C2 and D2 an I have a frined who is high baritone but we love and we want to reach more high notes.


  • Maximus3000Maximus3000 Posts: 352.0 ENROLLED
    Hi, I dont understand your question fully but I can tell you this:
    forget the nonsense of baritone or tenor if you are not talking of classical music. I went to a singing coach about a half year before joining KTVA and she told me your highest note is an E4 so you are a bass. Today I can hit a G#4 after stretching my chest voice for 10 weeks. Am I now suddenly a tenor? No, but fact is: it does not matter. train your voice and your upper range will expand massively

  • thiago3mthiago3m Posts: 7Member
    Thanks. I'm fan of Eagles, Bee Gees, Aerosmith but I sing in C2 and D2. And I get really sad cause I would love to sing high.
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