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Is It Healthy for a Baritone or at least a high baritone to do Tenor exercises?

thiago3mthiago3m Member Posts: 64
Justo to reach high notes. My vocal "comfortable zone" is C3 and D3 an I have a frined who is high baritone but we love and we want to reach more high notes.


  • Maximus3000Maximus3000 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 82
    Hi, I dont understand your question fully but I can tell you this:
    forget the nonsense of baritone or tenor if you are not talking of classical music. I went to a singing coach about a half year before joining KTVA and she told me your highest note is an E4 so you are a bass. Today I can hit a G#4 after stretching my chest voice for 10 weeks. Am I now suddenly a tenor? No, but fact is: it does not matter. train your voice and your upper range will expand massively

  • MoftemMoftem Enrolled Posts: 114
    You will get there! I considered myself unable to sing beyond E(cant remember the octave number) without wrecking my voice. But now after training here for 17 months I sing up to a G pretty comfortably (can sometimes hit Bb).
  • bentkbentk Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,650
    It all comes down to technique and training. I am not sure what i am, but i guess i am in the baritone area. However, i sing so much things in tenor range. These things will become clear in the KTVA program, it just takes a lot of effort and time to learn. Furthermore, check out Ken himself on youtube. When hearing his low range and speaking voice, you would call him a baritone, but he sings way above baritone range.

    The point is, don't let these definitions define you. You can grow your voice tremendously, but you just need to know how. The program and forum are excellent places to find your way. Even if it seems impossible to sing higher now, you most likely have to learn good technique and train with it. Those things go hand in hand. Training + perfecting technique.

    Of course i highly recommend Ken's course. During the course, you can even upload audio on the forum for experienced singers to critique. For most people, singing doesn't come naturally, that's why you need guidance to learn the correct technique, and work it into muscle memory. Singing surely didn't come naturally for me, haha.

    Hope this helps you! And never give up.

    All the best,

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