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Hi, from the country side of Victoria, Australia

Andi77Andi77 Posts: 282.0 PRO
So excited to be here with you all :) I simply can't wait to begin this incredible journey, it's been a long time coming. I did procrastinate purchasing for a little time... I know, I know, wasted days, but hey, I did it! Here I am! Yay!

I have been singing all my life... at home, behind closed doors, in the car, etc. I think I sang before I could talk! My parents were opera singers, but life dealt me a different hand and I never had the opportunity for any vocal coaching/lessons. Now at 42 years of age, my husband and I have 3 amazing kids, all teenagers at this point, all musicians, amazing at what they do, creating a home that is constantly full of music and joy. I have done my absolute best to give them full support in their musical endeavours. My eldest is now also receiving vocal lessons from his music teacher at school.
But now it's my turn. I've been a spectator for far too long. I want to be up on the stage doing what I love so darn much! I can't sit still anymore!

Mammas gonna sing! ( I'm a little excited guys-apologies )


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,450Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Good for you, Andi!

    It's always great to see someone finally take steps to do this big thing for yourself, at last. We're here to cheer you on. You get to be part of the music now. Time for Mom to start her lessons!

    We all put it off until we just couldn't put it off any longer. So here we all are, moving along on our separate journeys, but doing it together, as well, with one another as support.


  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Posts: 1,609Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management
    Hello Andi, @Andi77

    a warm Welcom from Germany, I am Marco, 48 years old and started singing 7 months ago. You did a very wise choice with buying the Course+ (Vol. 1 to 5 plus the ProPacks). For me, the only "go for". You will have an interesting singing journey with us, believe me.


    PS.: I would like to recommend to you that you visit these forums regularly and listen to other students' demos and comment on them. Then read carefully what other students comment. You will learn a lot from that, believe me. You will get very good on analyzing yourself. Get involved and squeeze out the most of this course.
  • cwcwcwcw Posts: 1382.0 PRO
    Welcome, Andi! @Andi77

    Glad to have you here. I'm Chris from USA. I've been involved in music for over 35 years, playing guitar and in a band in the 80's, mostly doing background vocals. I've always enjoyed singing, and wanted to improve. I'll be turning 50 this year. With no time to lose, and after working on Ken's "free" program for over a year, I bought Pro 2.0 at the end of November 2018. :) Great move!

    My experience so far has been fantastic. The folks on the forum, like @doc_ramadani, Bob @highmtn, Shane @HuduVudu, @victortang, and many others are very helpful. You'll enjoy it here.

    Once you get settled in, consider joining us in the Collaborative Demos section. We have an informal/optional "Weekly Assignment" where we put our best effort into singing the assigned song for the week. Skill level makes no difference. We're all on the journey. The purpose of the assignments is to allow students to apply the skills they're learning, and receive friendly, honest feedback. Don't worry, it is safe here. :)

    This week's assignment is, "It's a Beautiful Day" by Michael Buble', just to give you a point of reference. We'd love to have you when / if you're ready. No pressure at all.

  • VocalityVocality Posts: 4192.0 PRO
    Gday @Andi77

    Yes welcome to the course from Scotland I am 45 and apart from doing karaoke and keyboard playing decided to try this course to sing properly and can tell you have made a great choice. We have a great bunch here to help each other out.

  • victortangvictortang Posts: 4882.0 PRO
    edited February 16
    Hi @Andi77 ! I am Victor Tang from Northcote, Victoria. I have used Ken Tamplin's course since 23 Sep 2018, without one single day off, and most days, twice in a day. Yes Yes I know, I should get a life. But allow me to encourage you - THIS STUFF WORKS!!!

    How do I know? I have worked as a singer since 1988(?), with a 15+ year break since around 2004 to build my businesses, and also because I was getting "too old for this" or so I thought... And I have been through several "vocal coaches". Certainly, when I knew NOTHING about singing technique, anything and everything "they" taught was useful (including something simple like open your mouth, seriously). But after years of pursuing more knowledge, I arrived at a point where I thought that there is nothing else to know. I thought I knew what was to be known - mainly Bel Canto and SLS, and other derivatives...

    Then came KTVA. It rocks!!!! I wish this existed when I was in my 20s. I am 54 this year, and have never sung better!!!! This is after singing for decades, getting nodules in my vocal chords (23 years ago), and really trying to improve. I had a repertoire of over 400 songs at one stage. i was one of the first musicians to be lucky enough to work in the Crown Casino (Melbourne), the (only) Casino in Alice Springs, and have sung in hundreds of weddings, parties, sung in many many many hotels, bars, pubs, restaurants.....My wife has put up with a lot.

    Recently,I had gained an audition with The Voice for 2019, but I could not have my family involved so that was that. But on 23 Feb I have gained a place to audition for Australia's Got Talent. And I was approached by Yoyomusic of Melbourne to sign a contract as one of their artists (just 2 days ago) after they were impressed wth my performance in a local show in Taylor's Lake.

    I say all these to you not to brag, but to let you know that even at my age AND after a history as the one I have outlined above, I have improved SSSSSSSSSSSO much by using this course!!!! Only my wife knows the change in my singing. I even managed, as a relatively low baritone, to reach the notes in John Farnham's Please Don't Ask Me (one of my fav songs, and 3 months ago, I could not even produce the first verses of that song without sounding like a dying chook).

    KTVA has changed my singing. And it seems that it will be changing my LIFE!

    Andi77, work at this! WORK AT THIS!
  • Andi77Andi77 Posts: 282.0 PRO
    Waking up to all these wonderful messages, I have cheek aches from smiling! So awesome to meet you all. Bob @highmtn , thank you for your warm welcome, and Marco @doc_ramadani , I will definitely take your advice on visiting these forums on a regular basis to listen to students' demos and read what comments are made. Not sure at this stage about making comments myself, we'll see how things go. I ordered the USB package and am still waiting for them to arrive in the post and could take some time to Oz, so the Forums is where I'm at for now. Lots of time to find my way around.

    Chris! @cwcw Argh! I'm so Excited by this Weekly Assignment in the Collaborative Demos section!!! That sounds brilliant, thank you for sharing this with me, I would love to participate. As soon as my course arrives in the mail, I'm on it! I will sneak a peek at all those who are posting demos to get a feel for what I'm up against, lol! (And going by Docs advice, I MUST involve myself in forums as much as possible ) lol! Where in the USA are you from? I lived in PA for a few years, my Husband is from there.

    Hello George! @Vocality All the way from Scotland, my goodness, we are from all corners of the world here. How exciting. So you play keyboard and judging by your pic, guitar too? I dabble a little with keyboard, just playing by ear. My kids also try and teach me a song or two on guitar, but if I don't keep playing it, I forget how to! Obviously I don't read music. I'm hoping my much smarter than I, kids will help me out if that comes into play with this course along the way. Lovely to meet you George.

    Victor, @victortang sounds to me like singing IS your life! Same here, I'm so passionate about it, it's the only thing I actually LOVE to do. Had the internet and youtube been an accessible device for us as teens as it is for teens nowadays, imagine what we would have become! And Ken Tamplin of course! Well, you have become much more than I ever did, wow! Amazing history there Victor. You really made my heart skip a beat while reading your story, because it just goes to show, IT IS REAL, IT IS POSSIBLE! I will be working hard at this, mark my words. I've never had a lesson or any training, and I've never sung in public. Well, that's not true, I sing alot, but its always with music etc., People always say, oh wow, great voice, but, I don't really believe them. If I did, I'd be up on a stage sharing it. I know it's not good enough for that. I have been in a recording studio once singing back up vocals for a comedy trio who released an album in Europe, It's actually more like rapping rather than vocals, and it's in a foreign language. I think they chose me because I had a funky accent when I spoke in that language. Nothing I'm too proud of, get this - It's a song about... 'I know you have a pimple on your ass!'. How's that for an awesome and proud resume, lol! They were a funny trio tho. That's about the peak of my singing history. I hope to change that now.
    BTW., I would love to hear you sing John Farnhams- Please Don't ask Me, I love that song too! Congratulations on the Audition for Australia's Got Talent, and so what happened with YoyoMusic? You have so much going on. All the best Victor and it's so great to meet you!
  • cwcwcwcw Posts: 1382.0 PRO
    @Andi77 , Glad to see you jumping in so quickly! Great that you had an opportunity to live in the States! And, a husband from PA? Tell him I said hello or g'day mate! I'm next door in the Cinci, Ohio area. Small world. :)

    As for waiting for your USB package to get started, you don't need to. Here's an excerpt from the Welcome email you received after your purchase.

    If you purchased one of our DVD or USB options, we'll be mailing those to you shortly! While you're waiting, you can login to the KTVA student content portal with the username and password you created while signing up... and we've given you 1 month of free streaming access. So you can get started while you wait for your material to arrive!
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 4882.0 PRO
    edited February 18
    @Andi77 I am in a bit of a hurry so will reply briefly for now. No singing is NOT my life. I own 2 gyms and work in them 7 days a week, plus I manage several properties and airbnb. But i do devote 3-4 hours a day out of the 24 to singing.

    Here is my (very poor) rendition:

    Yoyomusic offered to become my managing agent and push me into TV and live shows locally, in China and Singapore. ALL promises. But I will need to sign a 3 year contract to pay them their commission if I want them to do that. So it is just a business deal as I see it. But i think it is to my advantage that I explore it further - especially with my solicitor (re: contract terms). Yoyomusic seems to be a top management company. Their wards have gone into eurovision, x-factor, australia's got talent, and The Voice. And I know for a fact that the directors are solid people with integrity.

    Coincidentally, I have 2 gym members who grew up with the director and saw him grow up. They both say he's a man to be trusted. Thats a good start. And the coincident itself is weird. It is like the universe trying to talk to me....

    Talk soon. Got muscles to help build (literally)....
  • Andi77Andi77 Posts: 282.0 PRO
    Thank you Chris! @cwcw So much to sort through at once, I completely overlooked this, Thank you! But please don't expect an assignment of Michael Buble up yet from me... My goal is to jump in next week! Fingers crossed :blush:
  • Andi77Andi77 Posts: 282.0 PRO
    @victortang you sing 'please don't ask me' with beautiful emotions, I closed my eyes to listen. That is such a big song, well done. Thank you for sharing that. I appreciate how busy you are and that was so lovely.
    The universe is always speaking to us - we just need to learn to listen. I believe that is how I came to find myself here at KTVA.
    Exciting times ahead for you Victor, I'm a keen follower of yours.
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 4882.0 PRO
    edited February 17
    @Andi77 Never too busy for ME time. This is Me time! :) ...besides, my computer is always available in my gym (that i spend some 10-15 hours a day in).

    Re: The universe always speaking to us. Ha! Very timely statement from you. Well let me share this experience with you here. You know that talent agency yoyomusic. The director is Ben Brazil, who approached me. The universe spoke to me this way ....

    He knew of me 27+ years ago in the Toorak area where I was the residential entertainer in a "Fawkner Club" Hotel for 4+ years. He was a night club manager back then. His boss got me to play the piano for his club for a bit and tried to move me over to them. But I was loyal to the hand the fed me (so to speak), so it never happened.

    I don't even remember all these, Ben told me the above.

    27 years later, I went to his talent contest (last weekend), and he liked what i did. And he approached me. Didn't remember me until we spoken for 10-5 minutes. Now, this is not the end with the Universe speaking...

    I came back to my gym and had a casual conversation with a Mr Joss in my gym whom i have known since 2005 (as my client). We got talking about music and one thing led to another - he knows Ben Brazil since he was born! Ben comes from a family of professional musician and are good people, according to Mr Joss.

    Coincidence? Hmmmm......

    THEN, this morning, one of my close friends and gym member, Sarah, asked me about how my music thingy was going. Again, one thing led to another, Ben Brazil had been her high school buddy since high school. She assured me that Ben is a good guy. Nice family, etc....

    This is all before I am about to sign a contract, which basically says I trust him to help me, even though he is under no obligation....and that I am to pay him a commission if he gets me jobs.

    Has the universe spoken or what???

  • Andi77Andi77 Posts: 282.0 PRO
    @victortang Wow... how weird is that!? Well, you know you are on the right path then don't you. Keep those senses alive my friend! I love hearing stuff like this.
  • cwcwcwcw Posts: 1382.0 PRO
    No worries on taking on assignment, @Andi77 . Zero pressure. I just didn't want you to miss out on the fun of starting KTVA right away. :)
  • DiegoDiego Posts: 7092.0 PRO
    Hi @Andi77 I am Diego, from Honduras.
    I've been singing for the past 6-7 years. Started taking it seriously about 4 years ago. Been working non-stop since then.
    I already saw you did join us on our weekly assignments! But I thought this introduction was necessary as it good to be well acquainted with your classmates.
    Anyways, nice to meet you!
  • Andi77Andi77 Posts: 282.0 PRO
    edited March 5
    Nice to meet you too Diego! I have listened to some of your assignments submitted in the collaborative Demo section, you have a very nice voice. You seem to help others out a lot in the forums too - good man. I haven't had a chance to upload anything yet, but next week is my week! I have quite a bit to work on, the journey is long, but I am truly excited to be on it. It's great to make your acquaintance Diego :smiley: @Diego
  • Gaston_JaureguiGaston_Jauregui Posts: 834Moderator, Enrolled, 2.0 PRO
    @Andi77 hi welcome from Mexico you came to the right place! this program works and is the best in the market with the right info hope you enjoy it!
  • Andi77Andi77 Posts: 282.0 PRO
    Hi @Gaston_Jauregui , I have just received my usb in the post and am truly ready to get into a daily routine now, I have met such wonderful people here in the forums, with such great support, I really don't see how this could be any better! Lovely to meet you!
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