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Love reign o'er me (The Who) by George

bluesbirdbluesbird Posts: 59Pro
Hey guys, long time no see...!!
Here's a demonstration with lots of distortion and moving from distorted to clean sound, and from chest to head and back a lot.
I hope you like it!


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,514Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro

    Wow!  George, this sounds pretty good!

    Nice to hear from you again!  I like this a lot!

    The distortion sounds like you're hitting it pretty hard.  I'm concerned that it may be a little rough on your cords.

    Do you have any setbacks from this?  I usually recommend mixing in a little more clean sound with a little less distortion from a vocal health/longevity aspect.  How does it feel after you do this sound for a while?

    You guys are really coming along well with your sound!


  • bluesbirdbluesbird Posts: 59Pro
    Hey Bob!!
    No, the distortion doesn't hurt a bit, and if you notice, I return to a clean sound on some occasions. Believe it or not, it's all head voice, over compression, and the chords feel really relaxed when I do it!! Tricked you huh? Haha!!
    The notes are B4flat and E5flat where I kick in the distortion, and I get in and out it as I please by now!
    Thanks so much for your comments!! Of course my aim isn't to sing ALL the time like this, but for such songs I find it impressive and that's where I'm gonna use it.
    We'll be posting more songs soon!
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,514Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro

    These demos show a lot of improvement since the last time you two posted!  You're making big strides!  Rock On!!!


  • bluesbirdbluesbird Posts: 59Pro
    Thank you so much Bob, it's really appreciated!! We've been working really hard all those months!!
  • sspatricksspatrick Posts: 1,278Moderator, Enrolled
    @bluebird. Good work on this song. I would still brighten your tone a little more overall. Especially when using distortion. It naturally darkens the tone so you can compensate by bringing the sound into the mask.
  • bluesbirdbluesbird Posts: 59Pro
    Thanks @sspatrick !! To tell you the truth, all the sound was driven into the mask in the distortion parts, intentionally, and of course mouth was wide open. I could feel the resonance in all the front of my skull!! Larynx was in neutral position, even a little lower, can't be quite sure of that, and most of the times I'm returning to a clean sound, just as Ken instructed, and of course, for the aesthetics of the song.
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