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Computer Recording

This discussion was created from comments split from: Post your Demos and Videos.


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  • @Johan_Kalevi

    You can get gender-changer XLR adapters.  An XLR Male-to-Male adapter would give you Male XLR on the end of the adapter you described... But it looks like you found something that might do the trick for you.


  • @highmtn

    Hi Bob, thanks for the feedback as well as the good info (re: mixer)

    After considering what you mentioned, I'm gonna do some research online and see what kinds of mixers are recommended with my set up (Dell laptop and USB mic) at a low/mid-range price.  
    I think it's a good idea and could save a lot of headaches and needless anxiety in the future!


  • Johan_KaleviJohan_Kalevi Posts: 154
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    Hi Bob,

    After doin' some shopping around at the Chinese e-commerce site "taobao", I'm gonna be giving the Behringer Xenyx Q502 USB Mixer a shot.  It seems pretty cool - with a built-in compressor and some effects.  I looked far and wide for a USB adapter which could accommodate a USB Mic ---> XLR (male), but could only find one with the female connector - and that one cannot go into the mixer itself.  So, I decided to get the 'non-USB' version of my mic; the Behringer U-1. 

    So, the home studio's coming along - just put the order in today.  Will let others know (perhaps on another thread) in the future how this affordable set-up weighs in for budget home recording. :-)


  • @highmtn

    Thanks for the info - it's good to know in case the to-be mic has issues in the future.  Kinda feels wasteful having two identical mics but with two separate connections.  I just bought a couple of bamboo flutes at a local music shop ($3.50/each or so).  Could use the USB mic for some 'zen recordings' as I don't imagine going too hardcore on multiple harmony overdubs :-D

    Looking forward to having a personal mixer/mic set-up at home for the first time! 

    Thanks for the timely advice, Bob!


  • As information to all the Behringer Xenyx Q502 USB Mixer DID NOT WORK OUT for Johan.

    He needed a mixer with Pre-fader Aux sends on each input channel.

    He ended up sending it back and got a mixer that was more suitable for his purposes. 

    He is now happily tweeking the knobs on the Behringer Xenix X1222 USB which cost a little more, but is more of a dream-come-true than his original choice. 

    Fortunately, the dealer gave him full credit on his exchange for a better mixer.

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