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My daughter is doing the exercises

janjan Posts: 23Enrolled
edited May 2012 in Off Topic
Hi everyone!
I just want to tell you a funny thing that happened to me this evening.
After bringing my little daughter to bed (she's 4 years old) I started with my exercises downstairs. But I guess it was to loud, cause during the LAH-exercise I suddenly heard my little girl over the baby-monitor singing the LAH exercise, too. And she actually did it way better than me!!! :-)
So I went upstairs and asked her if she could hear me doing the lessons and she said: "Yes, Daddy, I can hear you. Could you please wait until I'm sleeping? Cause otherwise I can't help singing along with Ken. But I'm so tired and I want to sleep!"

How funny!

So I'm reading through the Forum now and wait a few minutes until I can go on with the exercises...

Good singing to you all!


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