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How to find time

MrJACLMrJACL Posts: 11Pro
edited July 2016 in Welcome
Hey i was wondering how will i be able to find time for this course as I am a full time student with a part time job? how do you do it? Plus where do you guys train as my mum keeps telling me to stop it as I am so loud doing the lah and leh stuff hahaha





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  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 9,110Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    You do it as you are able. The more time you spend on the course, the sooner you will see better results. When I first started the course I was working 50 to 60 hours per week in a day job and playing 3 nights per week in a band as well. I found time whenever I could carve some out. It was important enough to me to make time for my priorities.

    I would watch the videos at night, and do the workouts on my way to work and on my way back home. On the weekends, I would do workouts in the garage, so that I could pay full attention to the lessons, rather than have to pay attention to the road. It was worth it to me, because I really wanted to improve my singing.

    Maybe you can find some time to do the Lahs and LAA's when your Mum is out of the house, or you can go somewhere that won't bother her.

  • i have to drive 45 minutes to work en 45 minutes back so instead of listening to the radio and the boring negative news i got my audio workout on usb drive and i am able to practice one and half hour a day this way and it does not cost me any extra time :)
  • Thats so aweesome, Phil! I just made myself a garden room to put in my backyard, haha!
    I love Phil x, especially in Bon Jovi!| Keep at in man!:)
  • Thanks for the help man!!

  • Build yourself a shed...haha
    It can be difficult to practice but you have to do whatever it takes..even if it means lockin yourself away or finding an empty car park.
    Or like Bob says.. When your mum is out of the house..
    Grab that moment
  • I know exactly where you are coming from. There is something I have done that helps. I'll practice in the garage with a fairly loud fan running on high. Because the fan is a constant noise, my wife and kids don't notice. Plus, it drowns out a lot of singing noise. After doing the lip roll and tongue exercises, I will sing everything else into a pillow. Before I added the pillow, I received a lot of complaints, especially when doing the workout while the rest of my family was in bed. Since adding the pillow, nobody ever notices anymore.

    Just a suggestion. I hope this helps!
  • I have practiced lying down in bed with a pillow over my head (heard Ken had to do that to practice on the road in hotels.)

    Anytime I have any kind of car ride that is around 40 minutes, I break out a Level 2 workout - if it's an hour, a Master Level workout.

    Made a deal with my wife that after dinner and before the kiddos bedtime, I could have that time for voice practice; she does her thing and I go into the music room (my office/spare room) and get after it.

    On weekends, any time the family goes off to do something, I squeeze in a practice session then, too.

    I am not as consistent as I want to be and my voice is nowhere near where it could be HAD I been more consistent, but that's on me; when I want to badly enough, I find a way to be consistent and get the work in.

    Hope that helps...
  • I head to my basement studio around 7:30pm... as that seems to be the time that I rehearse with the band as well, so this keeps it consistent. My wife and kids pretty much accept that 7:30 is Dad's strange vocal time in the basement. LOL
    I try to hit 4-6 evenings a week, and am pretty happy with the progress so far!
    I am starting to work these principles into the songs we are doing at this point, and practice standing up with my guitar. As luck would have it, I am also the sole guitarist.... so the expectation is that I am supposed to be some crazy cross between Ritchie Kotzen and Phil X ;)
    I am working hard at it, and while I may never be like those 2, I will most certainly become the best version of ME!
  • I built aa routine in order to improve my singing.

    I sing about a hour per day,30 minutes after eating(as Bob recommended).

    I usually attend the gym after having breakfast ,get some lunch as I get home and after 30 mins of admiring my favorite singers(which gets me really motivated for everything) ,I rehearse on and on.
  • I try to get a minimum of 4 times per week in for practice. I do like to take at least an hour out for practice, building chest and mix voice. If i practice maybe 30-40 minutes, i am also OK with that. As long as i have worked out different parts of my voice (not ONLY chest or bridge building etc.). It is just very important to always focus on your technique. Don't feel rushed, this doesn't help and might even make you feel tense.

    I am currently finishing my masters degree but thankfully i usually have some time in the evenings to get some work done on music and singing. I focus mainly on getting my physical exercise and singing exercise done every week. Some extra time goes towards playing guitar/music things. Thankfully i already learned a ton of guitar for a long time now, giving me more space to practice singing.

    Good luck!

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