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Overtime Updating Review. Starting the experience.

So here is the deal.
I got the How To Sing Better course (3 volumes) + Pro Packs around 6 of December 2016.

I have recorded a full-length album with my band before I got the course (I sang the way I learned to sing over the years and with some help of few different vocal coaches), it will be soon out, cause we are mixing and mastering it.

The subject is: I'm working out with the course - Volume 1 for now. I will update this threat with new material along the way and the progress.
Want to introject the sing, that due to heavy work traffic, I'm not able to workout with course every day, another way it would be 7 days per week. I'm able to wokout with the volume for like 3-4 days per week.

Also consider one curious fact, at the time I was trying to start singing I was looking for a vocal coach, cause people in my first ever band told me the truth - "Man you can not sing!" - and I told them "So I will learn to sing!". They did not actually believe that I could. Most of the coaches were also telling me I'm not able and will not be able to sing anything in my entire life, that I will not hit any of 2 notes in my vocal range. But eventually, I found vocal coaches that were ready to teach me something))

I will leave some links here and will upload new covers moving from Volume to Volume, and practice using the knowledge I will gain, so I will upload the next one at the start of 2017 and we can see the progress and I will be able to see it too.

From what I can say now, I'm really excited because I can already feel the changes, I'm starting to sing right, I'm starting to deeper understand the intuitive mechanism of singing, and why my voice was and is trying to do in this or that case, the background of this singing course is most complete I could possibly ever imagine.

P.S. Don't mind my grammar, I can misspell a lot XD

Here are some of the covers I made, that are up to date(mostly reflect my current singing ability before I got the course) and also 1 of my band songs.
I already can see, feel and understand a ton of mistakes I made on these ones.


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  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,659Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro

    This is a cool thread. I'm looking forward to hearing your voice grow more and more as you get further into the course.

    You are correct that you won't be able to do your workouts every day, along with your regular singing that you already have to do. That eventually will change around, though, if you do as Ken instructs, and eventually incorporate the lessons in Volume 3 that train you to be able to increase the longevity of your voice and avoid over-singing. Ken does about 7 or 8 hours per day of singing and could go longer, but everybody needs some rest and sleep, and to do other things in life!

    I think you've come to the right place to really rock your voice like never before!

    All the Best!

  • @Artickus welcome. What an inspirational story you have. You've certainly shown that you can string more than two notes together :) . Your studio song is impressive and shows off your natural ability. You're gonna be a star. I'll be following you with interest.

  • ArtickusArtickus Posts: 22Pro
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    @KaiEllis Time Shadow picked me up back in 2013 when I was still pretty away from singing at some decent level, but they were first to see potential in me) They told me in the face that I'm not good, but I can train and they will help!) I was mostly told by the vocal coaches and "experts" that I'm a total waste ;)

  • @KaiEllis thanks, bro))) At least some one likes it :D
  • ArtickusArtickus Posts: 22Pro
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    @stratman Hello, Rob. Nice to meet you
    Thank you for the kind words, that was hard time proving that to myself, I had a few times I wanna quit real hard, but the love for the music and the feel of the stage kept me in. I'm that kind of person that has no stage fright from the start, I had and have only stage need :D
    They also told me that I'm totally key deaf and that this is a natural ability. But as you can see, It is also something you can develop, I have a long way to go thou, but it is one of the hardest acoplishment for me, I'd say. They told I have no talent, no natural ability, nothing to become a singer, good that I wanted to become one so much, that I did not listen to them.
    I feel myself like a Dragonborn from Skyrim and Ken is the Greaybeard to guide me on the Path of The Voice!
    It should be an awesome jorney!

    @highmtn Hey, Bob.
    I'm actually working out with the course mostly when we have rehersals, for no it is not hard to do it and it does not hurm my maybe, maybe because of some skill i alredy have and mainly my strong support I developed over the years. It's my dayjob that keeps me from working out 7 days a week, anyway I will keep on working out any avaliable time I have and will do like updates, where I will tel like this month I was working on Volume for ammount of days so we can compare the progress, it's not even a month and it's already significant, and it's only Volume 1 I'm workingo out(but I admin I have wanthed Volume 2 also, but did not work on it, yet) :)
    I would do singing 7-8 hours per day, if I just had that time - right away)

    Also thank you for the advice, I'm that type of guy that follows the instructions if I see that they are real deal, like in case with Ken, great help for me was, my previous vocal coach had a really similar aproach, but it was more intuitive, but in this case the programm is a real step by step to-do knowledge practical course. I mean despite the fact I have some singing background and everything I will workout on Volume 1 untill I'm 101% sure I have done it, to be ready to move on.

    And also I would advice that to the people with the course - don't rush it in, think and absorbe every word and do the wokout section, apply what you learned.
    I was able to do the "into the bridge connection" with no voice crack on a decent volume right away, for example. So, I could just thought that I'm alredy good enouph and rush thru the programm volumes, but I would never ever do it, because I have to learn, learn from the basic to the top, to develop all the connections in my voice mechanism and my brain, to never go back to "bad old habits" of sisning.

    Awesome course!


  • ArtickusArtickus Posts: 22Pro
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    So I have recovered after the left side vocal folds paresis, how cool is that, guys?! :smile:

    Working out with the course. I once again got thru the Volume 1 due to my health getting back and not singing for a long time. And now I started Volume 2 full ham, got thru the Video and audio around 4 times already.

    Here is just my latest vocal cover for the record and tracking purpose.

    And here is my band's first full-length album.

  • @Artickus Man this thread has been epic to follow. You have an incredible story to tell.

    I'm just trying to follow - was the first band that told you "you can't sing!" the same band or different from the band in the album you posted?
  • @Artickus haha nice bro!!! Love your voice and proud of you!!!
  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 117Enrolled
    Loved it, you're getting really good man!
  • Wow. Awesome dude.
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