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I don't think I have what it takes.

I just listened to myself sing and now all my confidence is shot. That feeling of just hating everything that comes out of your mouth. That feeling like there is nothing good about your voice whatever is so bad that I wouldn't even post something for you to listen to.

All those times when people say to you "oh don't sing"... maybe they were right...

I don't know how to get past this.


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  • Your pendulum will swing back the other direction, and you will forgive yourself for being imperfect. Sometimes when you get that self-loathing from hearing yourself on a recording, you just have to keep listening to it, and making objective decisions about what you need to do to fix whatever it is that you think isn't right.

    You have to desensitize yourself from your flaws. You are going to have flaws until you become flawless, and most of us are never completely flawless... but we can get pretty good.

    Before you know it (or maybe a little excruciatingly longer) you will catch yourself hearing yourself doing something that actually isn't terrible. Or even something that sounds pretty darned good...

    But watch out, because that pendulum will come back and forth as we try to move forward.

    Be your own best friend, not your own most brutal critic.

    Don't beat yourself up. It takes a lot of improving to get really good, and that takes time.

    You'll make it.

  • I think the only way past it is through... even though I am super down about everything right now I am not known for quitting. :p

    So... I posted a link in the Audition Practice thread for some other ears to hear what is going on.
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