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confused about bridging and execution, when doing exercises in KTVA part I

Hi there!

I am a little confused on how exactly to execute the exercises in KTVA part I for maximum results.

When doing the exercises. Ken plays up to a B4 on most of the exercises. Am I supposed to sing every scale in a FULL, FULL chest voice or am I supposed to begin the bridging by the end of the exercises when the notes get high? I'm really struggling with hitting an A#4, B4, and C5 in a FULL (no mix) chest voice, although I have done it before, it is extremely difficult and usually sounds strained. I know Ken says several times to sing the exercises lightly, which for me is impossible to sing those higher notes in a full chest voice lightly. So, does Ken mean I should be mixing/ bridging by the end of the exercise? I know Ken also says several times to wait as long as possible before handing off the Chest voice, or am I supposed to do these exercises until I can more or less sing up to that B4 in a full absolutely no mixed chest voice, if that can even happen in my range?? I am a Baritone.
I'm super confused but nonetheless learning so much from KTVA. Any help or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)


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