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15 Months Into KTVA

davemcneildavemcneil Posts: 3Pro
Hello KTVA, My name is David McNeil and 15months ago a few of my friends were starting a band and asked me if I'd be interested in being the lead vocalist. I have 0 singing experience other than karaoke as a kid (I'm 29 now). I came across Ken's program and saw the results people were getting and decided to take a shot. I was practicing with my band at the time and using the level 1 workouts. I did level 1 for 9-10 months. My voice started to build a thicker tone and I felt like I was getting better. I still didn't have that professional sound but I kept going even though we were starting to play gigs. I went on to level 2 and did it for about 2 months building my head voice and really building the bridge. When I finally reached level 3 that is when the real exponential growth took place. My voice started to grow like crazy and the changes are almost unbelievable. I am about 2 months into level 3 and I can do things that I didn't believe were possible a year ago. I was consistent with the lessons 3-4 days a week and our band practiced once a week for 2-3 hours.

Our band started out as a cover band but slowly converted into an original band writing 8 songs and recording a studio album where we live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Two days ago we had an album release at the most prestigious venue in the city (see profile pic). We had a massive turnout for our show and everyone loved it. This would not have been possible without KTVA and I wanted to write this post to let people know what this can really do. I am very grateful to Ken and all that he has done for our band and my voice!

I was at a house party two weeks ago and the place was filled with musicians and vocalists. My friend and I did a few acoustic covers and some people were in absolute shock at the power and tone of my voice. This stuff is legit and I cannot thank KTVA enough


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