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Vocal Range - 14 year old boy

I am a 14 year old boy. I have a vocal range from G#2 to F#4 in my chest voice, and can go all the way up to E5 if in head voice. I was wondering what I would be considered as? Baritone? Tenor?


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  • MatsyMatsy Posts: 101Pro
    Probably a baritone. I agree with Ken though - why put yourself in a box? With work you could get you chest and head voices higher. So try not to limit yourself and more importantly don't let anyone else limit you. Also you are at a stage where your voice is most likely changing and so how it will be in a few years is very different to what it is now.

    I went through a stage at 15 years old where I couldn't sing anything. Sounded like a frog was trying to die violently in my throat.

    Given a chance most vocal teachers will happily put you in a box and tell you that you can only sing in a certain range and certain style. Less work for them I guess - they don't actually have to really know anything about how to actually improve your voice. Don't let someone else laziness prevent you from being freaking awesome!
  • Thanks for the words of encouragement, Matsy! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.
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