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Feeling like I cant get it back! HELP

tjr66tjr66 Posts: 5Pro
edited June 2017 in The Singer's Lobby
OK....Serious question to anyone who may have had this issue or at least knows what i mean...I had a bad lengthy sinus/respiratory illness. the boys n I had a few jams during this time ( wonder now if this was a bad idea ) but for the most part we all just took some time to get well. Now, I have recovered ( not to mention allergy season is upon me now ) but I feel like I'm going through puberty at 51 now as my voice seems to have lost range, lost mids, well lost isn't accurate, cracks and flutters is more like it. I cant seem to sing nearly as well as I did 3 months ago. I feel like giving it all up now but I'm an optimist. Does anyone have any ideas or insight on what to do to get it back! I could sing Boston now am struggling with REO... cant seem to shake congestion and I feel like there is always something in or behind my cords preventing me from getting it back.

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