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Pitch Problems: Off an Octave

I recently discovered I'm off pitch for every note - an octave below. So now I'm working on training pitch using various app on my iPhone and a few Pitch tracks. After a few days I'm learning it's going to take a long time to correct my brain to produce the correct pitch.

Here's the video with Pitch help that I bought for 2 bucks:

In the meantime, I guess I can continue the scales and strive to listen to the tones until I develop this correct pitch.

Are there any suggestions on this? If I go after developing pitch every few hours, day after day: I wonder how long it will take to develop?


  • stratmanstratman Posts: 260Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
    @rickyogima pitch issues can be very frustrating. I’m also strugglin but improving. Ken has videos on improving pitch in his course. I wouldn’t recommend the video you posted as it’s for a different purpose i.e. perfect pitch is the ability to name the notes of sounds we hear. Very few people are able to learn perfect pitch and it’s not particularly helpful for singing.

    For singing, we need to know how to match notes i.e. the ability to sing a note we can hear. We do not need to know the name of the note, just be able to sing it so it sounds tuneful and pleasant.

  • rickyogimarickyogima Posts: 35Member
    yea thanks @stratman and I do have the course and will work on the (Better Pitch) videos without using that videos as an only reference
  • videoacevideoace Posts: 462Pro
    Have you tried using the piano scales instead of singing along with Ken?

    Do you practice with headphones, or open air? If you use headphones you should feel both your vocals, and the sound coming from the headphones resonate together in your head, and it may help.

    Some people also have trouble with the harmonics of the octave, and process it differently.

    I would try using the piano only scales to do my exercises to see if that helps first.

    Maybe try doing three octave scales until you get used to the differences. Something like: A3 to A4 to A5.

    Or do you're scales in both the lower octave, and then the higher correct octave until you get used to feeling the sensation of matching the tone with the correct octave pitch.

    Just a few suggestions.

    Peace, Tony

  • rickyogimarickyogima Posts: 35Member
    yea thanks @videoace , that's what I've been doing with the apps and have found them pretty useful for training. I haven't considered toggling between the two octaves which is helpful. I've just switched to using headphones and didn't want to have to get this technical and intense in training with one note at a time but it works I'll do it up, lol. I have been seeing some progress but it's pretty slow
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