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Pitch verses Tone

hi Guys,

I find when I sing, using Ken tamplin's method of open throat and diaphram support, it seems to be that the only limit of range is in the diaphram support technique. However; when I sing this way I find pitch is no longer an issue for me mostly. I was wondering if some people would like to share with my thought's on developing a good tone? When I sing I have a voice more similar to Bret Michaels from Poison eventhough I am a Female. I was told by a Vocal Coach in Melbourne Australia that I am a Contralo..However when Ken Tampin demnonstrated his diaphram support and his Fab techniques the idea of "range" kind of comes into question of is "range" an outdated term? Ken's method is amazing before I watched two of his videos my pitch was questionable, tone really had none, or power. After my singing was 80% better. Thank-You Ken For Such An Amazing insight, tips and demonstrations of your tips on YouTube.
I'm about to upload my first singing video on my YouTube Channel. Figure Rock n' Roll is a risk :)

Caroline (Black Cherry)


  • stratmanstratman Posts: 364Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
    @ContraltoLivesMatter as Ken says "we are only singers because we have the courage to be one" ... as you say, take the risk! Good tone comes from the bright sound Ken teaches. It's the fastest way to grow the voice as it contains all the rich harmonics required for boosting in the vocal tract.
  • ContraltoLivesMatterContraltoLivesMatter Posts: 100Member
    My voice naturally falls flat, but after doing Ken's YouTube Diaphragm and open throat technique. I began to find my tone is similar to poisons Bret Michaels (strange for a girl to say that) but, I'm a contralto, though I can go alto. My dream range would be alto
  • Gaston_JaureguiGaston_Jauregui Posts: 379Moderator, Enrolled, 2.0 PRO
    edited August 9
    @ContraltoLivesMatter I believe that if you train consistently youll be amazed and will be able to sing not just like brett michaels but any 80s rock singer, just make sure you stay consistent with the tecniques and if you can get the course cause there is a LOT on the course that is not on the youtube channel, youll be AMAZED
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