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Pitch verses Tone

hi Guys,

I find when I sing, using Ken tamplin's method of open throat and diaphram support, it seems to be that the only limit of range is in the diaphram support technique. However; when I sing this way I find pitch is no longer an issue for me mostly. I was wondering if some people would like to share with my thought's on developing a good tone? When I sing I have a voice more similar to Bret Michaels from Poison eventhough I am a Female. I was told by a Vocal Coach in Melbourne Australia that I am a Contralo..However when Ken Tampin demnonstrated his diaphram support and his Fab techniques the idea of "range" kind of comes into question of is "range" an outdated term? Ken's method is amazing before I watched two of his videos my pitch was questionable, tone really had none, or power. After my singing was 80% better. Thank-You Ken For Such An Amazing insight, tips and demonstrations of your tips on YouTube.
I'm about to upload my first singing video on my YouTube Channel. Figure Rock n' Roll is a risk :)

Caroline (Black Cherry)


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