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Paul Rodgers singing Led Zeppelin (Rock and Roll)! My dream has come true!

matt53matt53 Posts: 189Pro
edited January 2016 in Ken Tamplin's Corner
At a recent event honoring Jimmy Page Paul Rodgers got up there and sang Rock and Roll along with another vocalist who I can't identify. In the beginning Paul's sound levels are down but in the link below you can see him singing it.
SKIP TO 8:45 in the video for some kickass singing from Paul.

And he sings it even better than Robert!
He should really consider doing an album of Led Zep covers. I would be the first to buy it (if Ken doesn't beat me first).


  • wabba_treadswabba_treads Posts: 40Pro
    WOW! Even as a Plant fan I could say Rodgers voice definitely aged better. He only seems to have gotten more power over the years.

    Jimmy needs to give Paul a call pronto on another "Firm" esque supergroup and give Robert Plant a break.
  • matt53matt53 Posts: 189Pro
    Yeah it's crazy how good he is. I remember watching the video the first time and heard Paul singing it in the lower interval that Robert fell back on and thought to myself, "Okay I know he's capable of more than this."
    Then I watched the whole video through and was blown away when I heard him belting out the original melody at the end. Shows what a great singer he is. Paul loves to save his best and highest singing for the end of many songs.
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