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Chest Soreness


I'm working on applying certain compression concepts in VOL III (what Ken referred to as holding the breath back) and applying them to the training in volume II. In doing so I've recently developed a soreness that exists behind my sternum and extends between my clavicles (so just center of the chest). This mainly came from the idea of "stretching the chest" and when I apply them in singing I typically feel this soreness the next day. I've noticed that by doing so the resonance stays in my chest a lot longer when I progress up scales. I'm a tenor and currently with this new understanding I can stretch my chest to a C but only after I've warmed up. Is this soreness something normal? I understand that singing is a sport and with all condition and strength training getting soreness is common for growth but I just wanted to hear if anyone else felt this too at some point.

... I used to do other vocal lesson before I tried Ken Tamplin's vocal academy program and what I developed was the ability to bridge throughout my range BUT in doing so I've noticed I flipped into head voice (maybe) a couple notes early so in order to develop a more Rock tone I'm going back and really focusing on the chest. So I'm not sure if this also has something to do with the soreness I was describing

Best regards,
Brett Wheeler


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