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Stress/Anxiety Induced Throat Pain vs Exercises

Hey everyone,

I know it's a pretty dumb title, but I'll try my best to explain it. So, ever since the pandemic really struck and my life turned upside down, I noticed that when I get stressed or anxious, my throat hurts. Since I'm a shy guy, of course, I get anxious when I start to practice. I just started Volume 1, so I do the LAH exercise and until G4, nothing really happens. I pay attention to the checkpoints, try to stay in pitch, and keep it bright and open. I hit G4, feel the tug, so skip the next two triads. The exercise ends and I feel that my throat hurts a bit. I do the next one since I know that it's just my anxiety. This time, I could only go up to Gb4. So I decide to take a break and calm myself. As I'm writing this, the amount of pain is changing constantly.

Here is my most recent LAH practice: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w0Wl2EVb3uuh_fN6kKmDP6r9A7G2Znxq/view?usp=sharing

So I want to ask what can I do in this situation? Is it safe for me to do the exercises since the pain is from my anxiety and not because of strain? Any help is appreciated^^
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