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Girls, let's gather! Here is my story, what are yours?

TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
edited May 2013 in DIVAS

Hi girls on the forum!

There are a less girls than boys on this forum, and I am now speaking to you: women, girls, divas, queens...whatever you like. I want to share my story with you, and would like to hear yours.

I am a geologist from Norway, and a single mother of three beautiful children. One year ago I sang ONLY when I was alone. In my car on my way to work I sang along with Adele, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Frank Sinatra and many others. I was happy that way, and didn't have any need to sing for others. But when I met my boyfriend in 2011, something changed. One night while I was sleeping under the open sky with my children (I like to do that), I got a facebook message saying: "Hi, I am Gedda, and I met you 16 years ago. Do you remember me?" I did. He started visiting me, and soon we fell in love. Everytime he came, he played music for me, good old rock from the 80's. In the beginning I thought it was very old fashioned, but soon I started liking it more and more. I started to change the CD collection in my car, and soon I was singing along with Ann Wilson, Dio, Rainbow, Whitesnake and you name it...

When I listened to Gedda's band rehearsing (he is a great drummer), I sang like crazy (INSIDE). I knew all the songs, and I knew I could sing them as good as, if not better than their vocalist. BUT I WAS TOO SHY TO SING OUT LOUD (even for my boyfriend). I got so frustrated, because I am not at all a shy person, but when it came to singing, I was totally closed down. One day I decided I had to stop being so stupid. I googled and found Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. That is the smartest thing I have ever done! Now I am the vocalist in Geddas band, and I love it!

All I want to do is sing, and I mean really SING! I was nearly 40 when I started, and that is not late at all. My voice has developed a lot, and for every year of life experience, we have even more beauty to share through our voices!

So, it would be wonderful to hear some of your stories! Why do you sing, how did you start, who are you?



  • SurfingAlienSurfingAlien Posts: 9Pro
    Such a nice story and still no answers? C'mon divas...! (Uhm sorry I wasn't supposed to be here LOL)
  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
    Looks like you need to be here! Listen girls to what he says, or do I need to post more stories? I HAVE PLENTY!
  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled

    I like you DUDES, and your polite way of helping us DIVAS to get started! I think we girls need to learn something from you. We need to adopt some of your outgoing energy! I will post another story, and if the girls don't answer, I might need your help!

  • captaincrankycaptaincranky Posts: 7Volume 1
    Hehe I'll step up :-) I'm from Australia, and a metal-head! I only just recently managed to buy volume one, but I had been eyeballing it for quite some time...I have some similarities to you Trine, in that I'm a single mum, and mostly kept my singing to myself, unless I wanted to torture the kids ;-) Singing is what I've wanted to do ever since I was a kid, and I had a good voice too, but somewhere along the way (mostly due to my own fears) I got a little lost and stopped actively pursuing it. My voice seemed to change and deteriorate over the years, probably a combination of abuse and non-use! I've had a couple of vocal teachers (and also tried the usual SLS programs etc), that didn't seem to really get me very far. I was with my last teacher for two years, learning opera, and though I made a little headway I wasn't progressing nearly as quickly as I felt I should have been, and eventually couldn't financially afford to keep going.

    When I first started watching the volume one videos, and started following along with Ken, I was practically beside myself! My voice did things that it had NEVER done before, with an ease I had never experienced before, and I actually wound up bursting into tears! Mostly because I was so angry that I wasted years and thousands of dollars I couldn't afford on a teacher that could never explain the mechanics of what I needed to be doing to produce those sounds, as directly and simply as Ken did in one hour of video. So I'm a little cranky about that, but it lit a fire under me, because for the first time in a long time I actually feel like a have a clear way forward, I can actually do this and I have the potential to be good! I'm also training to be a clinical hypnotherapist at the moment, and my trainer has done some hypnotherapy sessions with me which I feel have really helped, in terms of confidence etc. So onward and forward :-)

    It made my day when I read that you are 40 and just starting out Trine :-) I'm 33, and though I know it's still young, I have felt that ticking clock and found myself wondering at times if I'm getting too old to start all over again from scratch, but that's ridiculous I know, and realistically I do think I will improve with this program far quicker than I did with anything else. Ken has a knack for getting straight to the point and explaining things in a way that they 'click' straight away, I actually understand what he's talking about!

    Anyway, glad to be here, I'm really excited about what lies ahead, and I hope to be making friends with some like-minded people :-)

  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled

    Hi Amy!

    Great to have you here and thank you for your story, I love it!! Yes, we have many similarities (I also like Metal- what bands do you like?), I was even into opera (Bel Canto) myself many years ago, and that was where I first heard about open throat, one of the most important things in singing. You have so much to look forward to now that you started KTVA! I can't wait to follow your progress!


  • captaincrankycaptaincranky Posts: 7Volume 1
    Thank you :-) I can't wait either!

    As far as metal bands go, I'm really into Amon Amarth, Eluveitie, Finntroll, Meshuggah, Devin Townsend/Strapping Young Lad, Cruachan, and probably too many more to mention. I really gravitate mostly to folk and viking metal, with some death, black and symphonic metal thrown in for good measure. I do listen to some other genres too though, The Tea Party are probably one of my favourite bands of all time :-) What about you?

    I think what amazed me about my whole opera experience, was that my teacher could never adequately explain any open throat techniques to me in a way that was straight forward and in a 'this is how it should sound and this is how it should feel' manner. So I was constantly struggling to place my voice with no real understanding of the mechanics. After watching the volume one video, I actually now understand what she was trying to teach me, Ken explains it in a far more direct and usable way, without vague terms.

    How are you going in terms of performance and putting things into live practice? I remember reading a thread where you were talking about doing some singing with your partner's band I think ? (If I remember correctly??) How is that all going for you?
  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
    edited July 2013


    Sorry for the late reply! I've been so busy with the last part of my PhD. Soon finished! Actually, in my opera experience I managed to open my throat, but I was not coscious about it the way I am now. It just happened...Now I understand what I am doing and can control it.

    About metal, I like mostly good old stuff from the 80'ies, but also some of the newer things. Coming from Bergen (a city at the west coast of Norway- we like to call it the metal capital of Norway....:-) ), I like Enslaved and Immortal (my boyfriend used to play drums in Immortal long time ago), and some of the newer bands from Bergen like Sahg and Audrey Horne. Check them out. They are really good!

    I am soon going to play my first gig with my band, and look forward to that. All have been focused on the PhD I am taking (in geology), but soon I am able to do other things. I sang on a party a while go with another band. My first time. I was terrified!!!! However, after the first tone I was hooked. WHAT A FEELING!!! :-).

    How is your singing doing, now that you've been into KTVA for a while?


  • captaincrankycaptaincranky Posts: 7Volume 1
    As far as my singing goes, it's been a bit slow. When I do the work I can hear the difference, but I'm finishing up my studies in the next 8 weeks and gearing up to start a business, so have been working on assignments and designing a website etc mostly. Once I've finished all my assignments (I can't wait for that-so tedious!) then I plan on throwing myself back into singing with the intention of finding a new band. I'm a bit all over the place at the moment, with work, kids and study, but singing is always on my mind, and I still get in a little practice, just not as much as I'd like!

    Congrats on your upcoming gig, I hope to be in that position too sometime in the near future! I understand being terrified, it's been a long time since I performed in front of anyone, I know I'll be shaking at the knees when it's my turn too! But you're right, there's nothing like that feeling :-D Do you have any music or video to share yet? I'd love to hear something when you're ready!


  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
    More similarities: I'm finishing up my studies too (PhD in geology) and have less time for forum and singing, but I'm doing as much as I can. And kids too....I know how it is...  But I prioritize it as often as I possibly can. I don't have any music video yet, but I can post it at the forum after the gig. Scaaaryyy....but good, makes you focus even more. Good luck with everything.
  • captaincrankycaptaincranky Posts: 7Volume 1
    Yes, please do post something from the gig (no pressure hehe)! It's inspiring to watch others accomplish some of their goals, helps keep me more motivated :-) Good luck with finishing up your PhD!
  • SonikaSonika Posts: 16Moderator, Pro
    hi Trine, 

    you have a very interesting story there and you have found the right coach for your voice, would love to see a video of you singing live. Keep up the good work looking forward to hearing more great accomplishments  from you.
  • SonikaSonika Posts: 16Moderator, Pro
    wow we definitely need the women up in here, we need to give those guys a run for their monies. 
  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled

    @Sonika, @captaincranky,

    I have a video from my very first gig. I was a bit nervous and did all kinds of strange things, like pointing the microphone at the monitors, and thinking a lot about how I was going to move. It is a bit embarassing to show it (think I perhaps posted it somewhere on the forum before), but who cares? I realised that no matter how prepared I was, it was very easy to forget simple things that I normally have good control of.

    Here it is:-).


  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
    By the way @Sonika, your voice is so amazing and beautiful. I am sure you will have a great career in singing. Looking forward to follow you.
  • SonikaSonika Posts: 16Moderator, Pro
    thank you trine :)
  • SonikaSonika Posts: 16Moderator, Pro
    @trine girl the band sounds awesome, love to hear you guys there were some parts where you were off a bit but that can be improved on. Thanks for sharing your video :)
  • tinaalcoracetinaalcorace Posts: 192Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO

    Great story  @trine! Thanks for sharing :)

    Good singing to you


  • jeekqingjeekqing Posts: 1Member
    edited December 2014
    It made my day when I read that you are 40 and just starting out Trine :-) I'm 33, and though I know it's still young, I have felt that ticking clock and found myself wondering at times if I'm getting too old to start all over again from scratch

  • Posts: 8Pro
    Hi girls!
    I just joined this course yesterday and I am excited to start my singing journey with y'all! I briefly browsed through the forum, and I didn't see a lot of female...But it's alright..
    So..I am a senior in college at the moment. I have loved singing since I was in elementary school. A lot of my friends say I sing well, but I know that I don't know singing that well. I haven't been on stage. I am kinda shy. But I wanna be a singer and songwriter, and to be able to express myself and share with the world.  Recently I have thought, singing is my biggest hobby, and I have a passion for music, and guitar, why do I not just follow my heart, and learn the right knowledge. I might become a great singer one day!Who knows?  
    My first language is Chinese, and I notice that Mandarin speakers tend to have a soft voice, which, including me, and I mainly find more difficult singing English songs well. Anyways, I wanna strengthen my voice. I am determined.  
  • franny77franny77 Posts: 7Member
    hi i just joined this course. I have been singing for 2 weeks. I do have a singing teacher now ,but he lets me include my Ken Tamplin exercises etc into my lessons as i said his demonstrations were that good. I use to sing when i was younger on tv and radio as in competitions ect. I was pretty good then, but my teacher said i had unfinished business with singing and he thinks i could be ready toget some singing jobs in the next 6-8 months. I want to practise for one year to really condition my voice and get it to its peak again. I also can't remember the words to songs anymore and have to learn them. That is a little difficult. The other divas here have really inspired me with their stories. My teacher has offered me to do 3 different paid jobs in singing when i am ready. I feel excited and scared all at the same time. Ken audios and video dvd have helped my voice tremendously. I can sing just over 3 octaves, i know not the best, but i was singing under that 2 weeks ago. I seem to improve every week. I am so determined to reach my peak and get as far as i can go. With Ken Tamplin and my teacher i am on the right path to success with my voice. Thank you for all the support Divas as i thought i was too old to sing, now i just sing and i am loving it all over again. Thank you to all my diva friends. I am not a professional singer,but want to be one. If anyone has any tips they are more than welcome to share!
  • KatCaponeKatCapone Posts: 1Pro
    Hi there! I'm Kat Capone! Loved your story! I'm a pop singer. I dance and I write all my music. My music is on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music. I've had my music played on MTV & VH1. I have a youtube page with all my music videos as well. Really hoping to build my voice, I'm not very confident about it. I haven't started the program. I will tomorrow. Literally just purchased it. I'm so excited to be part of this. YAY TO ALL THE GIRLS IN THIS PROGRAM!!!! Wishing you all the best and nothing but success in all our music careers!!! <3
  • franny77franny77 Posts: 7Member
    in only 4 weeks of singing with Ken Tamplin and my singing teacher i can now sing 4 octaves and my vibrato is coming back. I don't cough anymore when i sing and i can sing for quite a while without getting a sore throat. I have learnt a lot in a short time. My teacher wants to put me in a big competition for next year , if i win i go into a big festival in front of 50,000 people, i get to go on tv, newspaper and get my song on cd and filmed for me to keep. There are a few sections ,but i have a good chance, so i am going to build up my confidence. Are there any tips for remembering songs off by heart. I am learning about 10 at the moment. I am scared and excited. Most of all i am happy i found Ken Tamplin and listened to him sing first. He made me believe i can do it. I have a powerful voice and i can't wait to hear it in its peak condition. Good luck to everyone and thanks Ken Tamplin for all the mentoring.
  • monkshoodmonkshood Posts: 15Pro
    It's great to read your stories, I can relate to a lot of them!

    I'm from France, 26, also currently doing a PhD, and in a way getting involved in KTVA helps me staying sane (the PhD can get quite hard and depressing).

    I love different music genres, pop, indie, alternative rock, mathcore, hip hop etc., and most vocals always seemed out of reach (before KTVA I barely hit 2 octaves), so I used to only sing to myself and not too loud because of the neighbours. I never took singing lessons before KTVA.

    Two years ago I moved to the UK, and noticed the amazing live scene there, with the audience being incredibly supportive. As a result I joined some bands and did a few open mics. It's been a lot of fun but at the time I didn't find a style for my vocals or a genre to stick to.
    Around the same time I began Ken's video lessons, but didn't spend enough time on them, and wasn't sure I was doing the exercises properly.
    Gradually there were less and less music projects, I couldn't play an instrument so didn't feel comfortable composing songs, so I spent less and less time singing.

    Thanks to some recent projects (a ukulele band and a dream pop collaboration) I felt a lot more motivated and confident to write original songs, it became a bit easier thanks to the ukulele. I'm also getting closer to knowing what kind of music I want to make and sing, towards alternative rock with shoegaze and grunge influences, and I'd love to include jazzy, industrial, riot grrrl or synthpop elements! Having a clearer idea of what I want to do really motivated me to start again with KTVA and get more involved in the forum! After a month practicing the audio workouts at least 4 times a week I can hit lower notes than before so it's really encouraging.

    Your stories are really moving and encouraging, I hope to read your updates soon, and I wish you a lot of success!
  • WysperWysper Posts: 2Pro
    Hello ladies,

    My story is pretty simple. I've always loved singing, even found on my baby book my mum kept "sings constantly". I used to have the ambition to be a professional singer as a teenager but life came in the way of this dream. For a while I only sang to myself and some friends. My mother was completely against my musical aspiration and tried to squash my love of singing but never could.

    I took a few singing lessons throughout the years but could never find a solid singing teacher. One told me I had a gift and could not teach me much (then why be a singing teacher?) , another wanted me to sing very loud constantly which made my throat raw and ache within days.

    I've worked with several bands but on the creation of their logos and merch as a graphic designer and always toyed with the idea of singing in front of an audience. Like many of you, I am quite shy about my singing and not really confident about my abilities on a serious point of view. If it's just to go to a karaoke , I can do that.

    I cannot wait to start the exercises and become more self confident. Oh and I am 32.

    I love reading all of your stories
  • JoyceJoyce Posts: 130Pro
    What a touching story!
    You are absolutly right, the beauty comes from the journey! I sing for my pleasure and the pleasure of my family and friends and I don't care if I don't become famous.
    Stick to your training, the KTVA lessons are really excellent and they will help you a lot. Never let anybody ruin your spirit and your willingness to learn.
    All the best...
  • DeliaMHubbardDeliaMHubbard Posts: 2Member
    Oh! I just put some of this in my intro, but basically, I quit singing in school when I was 11 or 12 and never really went back to it. Brothers picked on me, and I grew embarrassed, but, I've now joined a music centered church, and I find myself singing from the congregation, and I want to sound good for those around me... If I could get comfortable to the point of trying to sing from the stage, it would be a genuine miracle, but I'm willing to try.

    I'm having my mid-life crisis, and decided that this was something I should do for myself. I'm following the YouTube videos for now, but hope to buy one of the pkgs sometime once I've saved up.
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