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How To Sing Like Lzzy Hale of Halestorm - Miss The Misery

Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Posts: 432Administrator, Moderator
Me coaching KTVA student Gabriela how to sing like Lzzy Hale.

I know not all can afford private sessions with me so I wanted to give you a peek into one and learn from this process.

Great singing to you all!


  • captaincrankycaptaincranky Posts: 7Volume 1
    Watching this lesson was really helpful for me, thank you for posting it :-)
  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
    This is SO COOL!:-)
  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
    I really recommend to watch as many videos of Ken teaching students as possible. I've learnt so much from it. There are so many songs to chose from. I use to pretend I'm them, just sing along, stop the video, do it over again, and repeat Ken's demonstrations until I get it. It's really a great way to learn! If you're a good pretender, it's nearly a real singing lesson:-).
  • EugeneusEugeneus Posts: 1Member
    It would be great if Lizzy and guys would keep doing hard rock. She is great with the lyrical songs too but so great heavy music femail vocal is much more rare and valuable thing than just another femail performer with befutiful songs about love and stuff. I hope they keep rocking. Sorry for my English I am a foreigner. By they way who know is this website official: ? Can I buy tickets from there ?
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