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Trine on stage

TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
edited December 2013 in DIVAS

This is from my first 'real' gig on a rock club in Bergen, Norway (last time was my birthday party). I was a bit nervous, but managed to perform this song. It was a GREAT feeling! Unfortunately, the recorder ran out of memory, so the last part of the song is missing. But I wanted to show you. I was a bit nervous, but it disappeared very soon!


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,434Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    edited December 2013


    What a great start into Real Gigdom!!

    You ROCK and the Band ROCKS!!!  You have a great future ahead...  Many gigs and excited audiences lie ahead!

    Here's a little feedback for you... Watch out, and don't point the microphone towards the monitors... ; ^ )

    Good live mix from the performance.  Your nervousness will transform itself into driving energy as you get more live gigs under your belt.  You will have the audience in the palm of your hand!

    More!  More!  More!  More!


  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
    Hahaha, that thing about the microphone is something I learned that evening. I didn't know that, I actually thought it happened when I got too close to the guitarist...funny! But the sound engineered muted me when I didn't sing, and they told me afterwards that I shouldn't point the microphone towards the monitors. Now I need more live experience...I WANT MORE!!!
  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
    edited August 2016

    I have to say that being nervous and first time on a real stage, it is harder to do all the things I've learnt. I can hear how my support disappears sometimes, and how I also go flat in some notes. That is not something I use to have a problem with. But I noticed that combining all these things: moving a bit and looking cool, remembering lyrics and how the song goes (quite a challenging song in that sense) was not as easy as I thought. However, as the guitarist said to me: you have everything, now you only need routine, and you get it from doing this over and over again.

    @highmnt, @sspatrick, have you had the same feeling long time ago when you were 'new', or is it just me?

  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled

    Thank you for the good advice @cgreen. Fortunately the soundman was very good and muted me, and a good person, so he told me afterwards that everything was ok, he forgot to tell me about the thing with the could I know? I am happy to have such good, professional people around me that support me like this.

    The good thing is that I am already very comfortable on stage, performing, speaking, acting. I just didn't sing on a stage before, so that is the unfamiliar factor. So I know it won't take very long for me to get into this. Given that this is the first time I am on a real stage, and singing such a difficult song, this wasn't too bad, was it?  

  • JoyceJoyce Posts: 130Pro
    So cool Trine...
    Great voice and good energy.
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